Ecstatic Failure

Think it over


// | 10 July, 2009 17:42

There is nothing worse than false guilt. First, the guilt eats at you, when you learn that it was something you never should've suffered, you brain can't understand why you went through all that anguish and suffering in the first place and only suffers more. False guilt, is the worst kind of guit...and you gave me a full year of it.


8 months you let me live in the guilt that *I* ruined the best relationship of my life, while you were having one of the best times of your pathetic, slovenly life.


4 months you let me live in the false guilt that you were thrown out of your house because of me, you even got your friends involved in that lie. How low did you sink?


Especially after a year of fighting about exactly that, about how if you had told me the truth initially, I would've walked away and you would be at peace. In spite of that, all you knew how to do, was lie to me and break my trust even more. What does that mean? It means you are incapable of learning from your mistakes and will only hurt more people as you go through your life. 


You say you did all that to protect your family? Well, guess what, no family wants an offspring as morally and ethically skewed as you are. No family wants an offspring like you. An offspring that is okay with ruining someone else's life after putting them through so much guilt that they didn't deserve. You can't look into your family's eyes? You don't deserve to be even near them.


You know what I can do to you, but I won't because I refuse to sink as low and become as horribly pathetic as you.


You are a curse on your family, me and my family. Please, please, please do us all a favour and go die and lift this curse from all of us.


Oh, wait, how stupid of me! This entire argument of you lifting the curse from all of us is based on the fact that you would be doing something for someone ELSE for a change! We all know, however, that you are incapable of doing something for someone else. You are the most selfish human being (curse, actually) alive. You think staying alive would make your parents happy? No, it won't. You are the black sheep of the family and they'd be better off without you. You are only going to bring more harm, if not to them, then to other people who truly cared about me. 


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