Ecstatic Failure

Think it over

Twice | 18 July, 2009 07:58



Twice you promised me you would love me till I was "old, fat and half-blind"


Twice you went back on that promise without me doing anything.


Why are you doing this to me? Do you enjoy hurting me over and over and over again? If you do, please tell me. If you don't, stop hurting me and work on this friendship that *WE* wanted!


I didn't smoke enough to cough up blood *because* of you, I smoked enough to cough up blood because you DID NOT talk to me when I repeatedly called to talk.


Anyway, this is for you, not like you are ever going to bother watching it any way:



You keep making mistakes, you keep slipping up, and I keep paying for your mistakes and your slip-ups???? 

What the fuck. You spoke to me as a friend, I agree the conversation got out of hand, but you are doing exactly the thing that makes us have conversations like that one. You're hurting me again, as always! Is that all you've made yourself capable of? Giving cheaters what they want and hurting the people that care about you, like me and your family?


I KNEW that account was a fake. I knew you weren't starting over. At least I added you to my REAL account. You never wanted to clean the slate, you never wanted to start over. If you did, you would add me to your REAL accounts. That's what made me mad, you not adding me to the proper account.


I told you, shutting me out will be hurting me even more. That's exactly what you've done. Hurt me even more. Thank you so much, do you derive a sick sense of pride or pleasure by hurting me? I think you truly do.


I told you the two options you leave me with. Asylum vs Suicide. I don't know which I'm picking but be assured that neither P nor N will be mailing you this time. You will be responsible solely for whatever happens in my future. Just you and only you. 


God, stop being such a horrible human being to me! Talk to me please.  


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