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17 Aug 2009


Posted by Oblivion in Poetry | 4:21pm

Solitary wanderer am I
On an aimless stroll
In the lonely woods
Dark as night
Shimmering in the light
Of my precious love

Hapless soul
Rendered helpless
By an infallible stroke
Of the sword of life
Unfailing precision
Precise my failure

Merciless look
Staid face of fate
I wonder. I ponder
Would I be

A surfeit of feelings
Wary of words
A deluge of questions
With answers none
Sink my soul
And wring my heart

Who has heard
The wailings
Of a pining heart?
The wailings
Of a pining heart
Who has heard?

Alone my soul is not, though
For, she walks along
She. My soul-mate
My life, my love
And yet,
Yet I seek her

Ironical it is
The mind says
The thinking mind
Beyond irony it is
The heart says
The feeling heart

Unrest becomes me
Moonless, the night
Joyless, the tread
And I remain
Restless. Listless
Aimless. Lifeless

O, who has heard
The wailings
Of a pining heart?
The pining heart
And its wailings

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