Are the Adukurs and Butthiris gone?

aloque | 27/06/2004, 15:51 hrs

Discovery. Is that what drives us forth? Is that what sustains us through the repetitive cycles of history? The discovery of something new at every turn of the wheel, appending, incorporating into itself, growing in size and paradoxically, in knowledge makes drives us furher by making us more aware of our capablities, our potential to be more than we are. Limitations are but things of the moment and if the churning wheels of time have taught us anything, it is that we have always overcome, we have always found a way to further ourselves.

Then, can this process of collective discovery be applied to the individual? Maybe, I should go a step further and ask if self discovery is not the corner stone, the basic building unit of the collective whole? If, at work, we toil to make a contribution to society and the world, thus furthering the race, do we not, in our own time, face the struggle of furthering the self? As individuals, can we make more difference to the world if we are aware of the self? Simply put, is the wall is stronger when the bricks that go into making it are stronger? Moot point.

Self discovery is the most exhilarating, the most exruciating but the most worth-while risk that we can hope to take. Pushing our limits to know and understand what lies within our complex minds, what it is that makes us do the things we do, what it is that makes us surprise ourselves, disappoint ourselves, exalt, debase, love, hate ourselves is truly a magnificent undertaking.

The thing about self discovery is that it's like the proverbial sand that slips out of a tightening grip. The further inside the self we try to get, the more we lose ourselves in the complicated processes that make us who we are. I think the near point for viewing the self is from the outside. Not by self analysis, but by self observation from a detached, third (in this case second) person perspective. The trick then is simple. Think of your thoughts and actions as being someone else's and do not be afraid to judge. Everything is simpler from there onward.


ps : I must make a confession and tell everyone here that I had to delete and re post this one coz of a deluge of devotion from a dude that got angry with the submit button. If i didn't want people to read this I'd keep a journal. If I am angering the gods by spamming their favourite virtual devotee, let him send all butthiri posts exclusively to my mailbox for the rest of my life. I'll suffer for the rest of FullHyd.

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Responses to Are the Adukurs and Butthiris gone?

  1. I'm posting this primarily due to the scorn in your post for the "Adukurs and Butthiris" (incidentally, you got the name wrong - it's Bhattathiri).

    Even if you hadn't said what you said in your post script, your post would've been on top, simply since you re-posted it. In any case, you certainly need not have said stuff like "deluge of devotion from a dude that got angry with the submit button". Your comments on his own blog were in poor taste, too.

    The person did not post to have his posts all over. He is the kind of person who genuinely wants to help others in the way he sees best.

    You being you, said all these derisive things. He being he, will probably forgive you. I follow your blog, and I did not expect this from you.

  2. I got to say that the PP has a good point. He put it across well too. Mature, to the point and made me see my error. Truly evangelical.

    I will also point out, that it is not requisite that he and I share the same views, or that I respect him, or that I do things 'expected' of me.
    If he cannot handle spam, there is an option to keep the blog private.

    I have no apologies for being who I am and saying the things I did.

    If sorry is what you were expecting, I am sorry that I have to pass on this splendid opportunity to reform myself via your religious crusade on FullHyd.

    drop me a postcard from heaven



  3. I am in love...


    way to go crow... *chokin with pride*

  4. the smiling crow sees your love.
    sends some of his own your way and poops on the baldie.

  5. I am not the owner of that blog, dude - I have nothing to do with it. Then, I did not ask you to share his views, to respect him, or to do just anything at all. I just said that you need not be spiteful of someone just 'cos he made 10 posts in a row on his blog.

    And what's this thing about "he cannot handle spam"? Who cannot handle spam? And what is spam? He posting on his blog is spam?

    You know what you did is unthoughtful - there's no shades of grey here. We should realize our mistakes, even when they are pointed out impolitely or even rudely. And please feel free to delete this comment - if I could get this point across privately to you, I would've.

  6. hey PP,
    No deletion required man. You are entitled to your views, and you put them across with concern. I thank you for the good will and I can handle criticism. I gave it thought before I replied to your earlier comment and I said what I thought.

    Maybe you should let Mr. B voice his own grievances?

    If he was truly looking to help someone with his blog, did he expect people to read all those posts at once? Was is some kind of a crash course?

    It is my belief that religious crusaders have brought more trouble than good to mankind. I don't believe that there is a God, but its obvious that the belief gives many people an anchor, a direction in life. I am not against religion per se but I am against people that try to tell me that I am missing something in life by not believing.
    Don't make any assumptions about knowing me or what is good for me. And I won't make them about anyone else.



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