Greetings dear folks,

Before we start this journey I see it only fit that I give a small prelude on whats to follow. This boy,girls and buttharis is "Too many secrets", the purpose of this blog right here. I had put this project on the backburner for a while till I'd amassed enough information and know-how about the subjects involved. But this afternoon has turned everything topsy-turvy. I like to refer to it as "The Jalianwala Blog Massacre". Well if thats that, this would be have to be the Chainsaw Massacre equivalent. This ,if it stays, will be the THE Chainsaw driven right through your brains.

Disclaimer : All persons/beings/buttharis mentioned here are completely fictitious (except for buttharis). They bear no resemblance to any real life character ( know who). Everything I mention as characteristics about the below-mentioned beings is pure falsehood.

Let the maiming begin.

Chapter I

Mulavana Bhattathiri

For - Has a name which includes the word "butt"

     -  Can type , and use a computer. Would also be very useful in a DTP workshop. 

     - Has a name which is an anagram for "Butt Hairy", which I have a scary liking to.

     - Gives me a reason to blog.

Against - His real name IS BUTT HAIRY!! **rolls eyes**

           - Was born.

           - Learnt to use a computer.

           - Lives, breathes and copy-pastes.

           - Seems to have an affair with Picchi Panthulu, whom I'm madly in love with.

           - Could also be Jagannath Adukur 

Known Traits - Will post for anything and nothing.

                        - Scratches butt....OBVIOUSLY its SOOO hairy down there.

                        - Geriatric porn

                        - Smelly butt which sometimes act as an aphrodisiac. Known victims namely, Picchi Panthulu. Where's your panchi PP?

                        - Makes me blog. Gives me a reason to live. Gives me hope for a better tomorrow. Gives me passion to long for PP all my life( and his panchi...still lookin for it? I GOT IT!!).

Real Names and Aliases - Mulavana Bhattathiri

                                          - Old farthole

                                          - Jagannath Adukur (maybe, my informants are not sure about this)

                                          - Trichotilo Asspipihilia (pronounce it right folks,he's a bit "touchy" abt it...if u know wat i mean...pipiphilia>> PP Feel ya? )


Till our next Payneful encounter,



Special Mentions : As my informants/bloodhounds could not dig up enough from Picchi Pantulu's panchi, you will not see him mentioned in these chapters. Though a word from my sponsors about me : "He (I) being him will do this sort of thing only. You being you can go screw that can of worms you always wanted." Another word from my sponsors : " You being you, WITHOUT YOUR PANCHI, are advised to visit our retail outlet of Chandana Bros at Ameerpet. Call us, your panchi will be worth the wait."

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