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1 Dec 2009

Garden of Dreams

Posted by Oblivion in Poetry | 6:39pm

on this path
strewn with his dreams
her nimble feet danced
with steps soft

deluge of joy
rained from the heaven
soaking the lonely heart
in boundless love

rapt with glee
the soul heard life speak
the promise of bliss
in whispers mute

clasp of hands
was a walk on clouds
a life so rich before
never he felt

eyes so serene
and face most beautiful
no music more melodious
than her laughter

soul a fragment
blessed by her glances
and her silken touch
made now complete

the ecstatic soul
drunk to absolute brim
with her words most sweet
indeed, most sweet

lush with blooms
was the garden of dreams
and he knew no world
else than her

odes to love
that defied the world
sang the fleeting time
and ceased quite

fate most vile
and a god utterly mean
alas! helpless he watched
plunder of dreams

tears in eyes
agony in the broken heart
pain extreme shall haunt
every moment hence

who would believe
here was a precious garden
that now is barren dust
with memories yet

hapless the soul
longing for hers, with
pangs of the aching heart
aflame in love

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