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FH team: its not working

Neurotron | 29 June 2004, 10:51am

tried everything man. Aint happening. Is it a template problem?

Current Mood: Confused
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  1. 1. By Sinistra  |  29 Jun 2004, 11:51am


  2. 2. By Aran  |  29 Jun 2004, 1:24pm

    Hey Neurotron, FA already told you how to delete and that's how I delete mine... so can't tell you anything much about that, but come on man, keep posting the other stuff too. I miss your cool posts. :)

  3. 3. By Magician  |  29 Jun 2004, 3:31pm

    Do you have pain (read BnB as in my case) who puts sick comments in your post and hence this desperation ? And yes, that delete thing does not work in my blog also, at times. Some partiality by the FH ? Why is Aran blessed with this "delete feature" and we are deprived ?

  4. 4. By Neurotron  |  29 Jun 2004, 5:10pm

    that's cos Aran is a flippin' genius. And I can delete now too...!
    We can let u in too, magician... :-D

  5. 5. By Aran  |  1 Jul 2004, 12:45pm

    Lol. Thanks for the flippin' genius tag Neurotron. :D

    Magi, log in by clicking on the "My blogs" thingie on the top of the page; then, from your blogs page, go to the post you want to delete the comments from, then click on the comments, it will allow you to delete. This works ONLY if you go through the "My Blogs" link. This is the result of my experimentation with this place. :)

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