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30 Jun 2004

Amma Chai

Posted by No-man in General | 2:16am

T......people live on T and i belong to the same ghetto. Morn and evening, and when-ever possible, a single T and ek chinna gold-flake.......thats the life as it used to be while i was in bachelors. The canteen used to close at 6pm and if u wanted to have a cup of T, we are expected to go to Mamu' stall. hardly any one liked Mamu's T which was officially @ the cafe on campus and the T sucked big time. he was prolly competing for the Top Slot in "Worst ever Tea" with Indian Railways. Mamu's T faced tough competition from Amma Chai, the unofficial icon of our campus. It's said, if u drink T and are not an Amma Chai regular, ur not an ***ian.


At the end of the campus, where there used to be a gate (now closed) Amma Chai fluorished and the closing of the gate meant diaster for her business. Still, people love Amma Chai for her Single chai and chinna gold-flake.

As we approched the wall, we shouted, Amma: Char Single and char Chinna.......and a few minutes later she came to the wall and said "baap" and we used to climb on to the tree to collect our order and pay the money, and she used to bring the change when we returned the cups....and if it was her son, he used to jump into the campus and collect the cups.


I hear that for the same reasons the gate was closed a few yrs ago, ............... the wall was raised and a metal wire (previously cut-down) put in place.  I only hope that my fellow mates have cut down the wire, else shud i discuss with the alumni association to replace Mamu with Amma Chai......after all, its the question of protecting our unofficial icon.

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