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24 Dec 2009


Posted by Oblivion in General | 1:21pm

The artist, bemused and absorbed, stared at the wall. The wall was full of lines, scribbled at random. In all shapes and lengths, the lines didn't, at first glance, make any sense. Some of them were faint, some have been erased, some have vanished with the passage of time, and a few were indelible. They defined the theme and the meaning, and yet the meaning had a trace of persistent vagueness. Some fleeting lines were being drawn even as the artist continued to stare.

A moment shall come when the artist will cease to be, and the only justification for his existence is lent by the few lines, indelible and defining, that will still conceal a part of the meaning and yet make all his attention most meaningful.

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  1. By Pratik:

    7 Jan 2010, 12:13pm [ Reply ]

    VJ, that's a first! From what I know, it's impossible to see you lose your cool. Whatever it is, I hope it passes. And I say, "easy-peasy, japa-nesey". I know you don't block. Was j/k :-)

  2. By oblivion:

    6 Jan 2010, 12:23pm [ Reply ]

    @vats: thanks!

    @Pratik: sinking deeper? big deal! what does it matter? in "youth", one line defines the protagonist: "misery is his element". without meaning to push for a glamorous comparison, misery is my element, too. i am the most miserable, hideous, obnoxious and disgusting chap in the world. any problem?

    as for the phone, here's the story... well, i have had bizarre probs with my phone ever since some guys did mischief in march/april to keep a tab on me (no, i am not so important. just that they want to get me.) of course, i don't have any evidence, so i don't assert this and it's fine to dismiss this as just a paranoid apprehension. i can hold a one-hour session to show miracles on my phone. just a few examples - set the alarm for 5am and it buzzes at 7.52am; ring tone gets changed by itself; it doesn't sound either the tone or beep often; i try calling my phone from mom's and i hear that my phone isn't reachable (she uses the same service provider); her call list shows six missed calls to my number and my list shows just one; and it gets more crazy when on roaming. (yes, the battery and software are in perfect condition - i had those checked). the list is endless.

    anyways, all these sound incredible to the point of even being fake. i find those weird myself, but that's no defense or justification. there's no way i can prove. so for all practical and logical purposes, you may believe that i have indeed blocked ur number. that's perfectly fine. (if facts matter, though - i had never, in fact, checked the 'block' option on my phone. i haven't blocked even the numbers of those that abused and threatened me. so, forget about my blocking the numbers of those i know!)

    good day!

  3. By Pratik:

    5 Jan 2010, 3:16pm [ Reply ]

    You are sinking deeper into the waters of melancholy. Isn't there something called hope?

    I guess I will never be able to reach you on phone. Blocked me? ;-)

  4. By bath mateus : Impressive and attractive posting. I enjoyed it. I think others will like it & find it useful for them. Good luck with your work. ;-) Bathmate

    27 Dec 2009, 1:11pm [ Reply ]

    Impressive and attractive posting. I enjoyed it. I think others will like it & find it useful for them. Good luck with your work. ;-)


  5. By vats:

    24 Dec 2009, 3:57pm [ Reply ]

    Truly beautiful, the words paint a picture themselves...of straight lines, but the description is as pretty and vivid as in your poem 'The Painting'.

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