Having never had the inclination or the drive to do an MBA, I have naturally not held MBAites in very high esteem. But this post is not about them. It could be about their supernatural skills with the spreadsheet application of a certain big corporation. But it is not about that either. It could be about the hullaballoo over climate change. But I have made my stand pretty clear on that issue before. In a nutshell, I pretty much have nothing to write about.

This is familiar ground. Statistically, it has been proven that my posts on 'nothingness' get more hits than other posts. This basically proves that statistics is bunkum since I have never made a post on nothingness for a post on nothingness can only exist in a formless void. Or, during orgasm. For those of us who believe that a certain yogi from Pune preached free sex (which his followers describe as the process of using sex to transcend the conscious state or some similar gobbledygook) for less than honourable intent, there is merit in his line of thought. It is only during an orgasm that our mind goes completely blank. In this state of nothingness, we can truly feel God.

Of course, it is entirely plausible that I have completely made up this void-God theory to legitimise sex addiction in which case a certain actor known for his portrayal of the protagonist in the hit paranormal TV show of the 90s would feel greatly indebted to me. In one swell swoop, I have given a positive connotation to a psychological disorder.

This could usher in a new era in Hollywood where it is as hep to be a sex addict as it is to roll in during an awards ceremony in a hybrid car manufactured by the world's largest car maker purely for reasons of environmental protection, not back-room sponsorship deals. Considering that I would be the resident yogic in this highly niche field, I shall consider it an honour and a privilege to 'show the path', as it were, to the divas of this world.

The grammar connossieurs would miss the underlying pattern in the above four paragraphs. The grammar fanatics wouldn't. Being as the fanatics are a dying breed, it would auger well for the connoisseurs to cross over the threshold and embrace fanaticism.

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