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1 Jul 2004

Just begun

Posted by Just a little unwell in General | 8:33am

A beautiful tale, of monkeys all male
Sat all in a row, looking shades of pale
Spoke no evil, or heard no evil
No visions too, that came from Devil

No sights, no sounds, no speeches
Made 'em worse than li'l leeches
Break they did, their shackle
This world they swore they'll tackle

They gathered up in a city of sin
From places far and wide
The story's now gonna take a spin
So brace up for a fun ride

Evilanche descended
And caught the dudes by surprise
Brought tonnes of evil upon their head
Indeed, a mighty price

Came crashing downhill, all in hurry
The apes they had no time to even worry
Trail of death, disease, destruction
Was all they saw without obstruction

Possessed, they did seek to rebel
And all they need is a pretty neat label
With strings n beats they aren't too averse
To preach you 'evil', spelt in reverse

The story ends 
no, it's just begun
The miseries around
They'll all be gone :)

Current Mood: Happy Indeed!
Current Music: Not composed yet ;)

3 Comments | "Just begun" »

  1. By drp

    1 Jul 2004, 9:33am [ Reply ]

    some dam good "apeshit" u got goin there..
    honestly...really nice....

  2. By mls

    1 Jul 2004, 10:36am [ Reply ]

    so much for poetry not being your cuppa tea
    twas nice indeed! hope to see more coming :)

  3. By JLU

    1 Jul 2004, 3:06pm [ Reply ]

    Thx drp & mls :) Was just having some midnight fun :)

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