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1 Jul 2004

My sister s boyfriend

Posted by No-man in General | 10:40pm

They used to go to college together, take the same bus and walk into the campus together. Once in campus, they tell me that they never talk to one-another. And when the college finished, they met each other and walked back to the bus-stop to take the same bus.

This happened every day, every year.  After graduating, my sis went to college to collect her degree, one of those few time he was not there..........and a stranger comes to her and the conversation goes........

Stranger: hello Ms.........

Sis: Do i know u?

Stranger: i am from so and so class

Sis: Oh !

Stranger: Your boy-friend did not come ?

Sis: My boy-friend ?!

Stranger: He......Mr.......

Sis: damn it !! he's my brother !! 

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