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The mating habits of emperor penguins (theres a title - happy?)

Neurotron | 2 July 2004, 2:41pm

Does a man ever know he's really in love until it's over?

It takes a heart broken at least once to recognise love the next time it comes 'round the mountain to kick your ass to hell.

Why is there ALWAYS a price to pay?

Current Mood: Bored
Current Music: Dont know what you got (till its gone) - Cinderella

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  1. 1. By Aran  |  2 Jul 2004, 3:41pm

    Would've preferred to read about the mating habits of emperor ponguins. At least it wouldn't remind me of someone whom I'd like to .... well, violence.

  2. 2. By martiandevil  |  2 Jul 2004, 6:04pm

    u dont have to wait till its over to know if u are in love or not? when u r in love the sky is blue, the birds are chirping and everyday is a fine day...those are the signs my friend...look for them

  3. 3. By Portuguese Man-Of-War  |  2 Jul 2004, 9:35pm

    Truer words were never spoken.

  4. 4. By Magician  |  3 Jul 2004, 1:02am

    Hey Neuro, nice post. Short, but touches deep.
    Is the proverb "all the good things in life comes free" really true ? Perhaps no ... sigh !

  5. 5. By Neurotron  |  3 Jul 2004, 11:42am

    ~martiandevil : u must be a woman.
    ~magician : thank you :-)In the end, when you REALLY look at it, it's the best things that have the biggest price tags.

  6. 6. By aloque  |  3 Jul 2004, 7:26pm

    well....I know that one knows when it happens.
    Of course, it all seems a little better than it was after its all dead and buried.

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