Awesome dinner dude!! Lipsmackin' food man!! Gut-wrenchingly gross stuff bro!! Puke-inducingly yuck foodlike material!! What the fuck is that you are eating?

All this n more for tonight's DINNER!! Ever had food from one of those pretend chinese places with the gorkha waiter n assamese cook tryin hard to look chinese? I'm talkin 'bout those dinky-lil bundi stalls wit an attache at d back...a pseud-restaurant..if u will. Well, I have food over those type o' places all d a nice kick in the butt in d morning...if u know what i mean.

Tonight was time for Singapore Fried Rice ,"Mendrien Noodles" and Ginger Chicken....i'm guessing he mispelt Mandarin....:S

Lets take that item by item:

Mendrien Noodles : First shock...when my bud picks up the parcel of packets, he feels something which could only be a pack of broken twigs. The nepalese dude explains in a very knowledeable manner that,this is how "mendrien" noodles are cooked. Apparently we gotta pour sauce on 'em..n they become edible. Now see, if we'd ordered "Penfry" noodles they wudda bin "roasted" n not "fried, apparently they wudda bin softer then...hmmmm. Next shock...get home n open d parcel to realise it IS a pack of broken twigs accompanied with a bag o sauce. Ah the sauce, ever tasted the water in which your clothes are washed, I mean reallly old clothes...naa..this was not like that. This was like THAT water, heated, boiled with pieces of rotten chicken and a few rotten vegetables thrown in for good measure. And yes, I ate it all.

Singapore Fried Rice : It was red. I mean realllllly red. Looks like the nepalese dickhead ran outta ideas to make his fried rice taste "singaporean"(if there's any such taste), and decided to cook up a bastard of a bleeding pig n fried crap. I mean to say it was pigfucking crappy man!! Oh, and did I mention? I ate it all.

Ginger Chicken : Ginger? Where?! Chicken? huh?! But I guess the latter is 'coz the other humans I was sharing this wondahful meal with jus happened to eat all d chicken in there(can't blame 'em, it was the only food). I was left with more blood-red gooey shit. No, I dint eat all of it. There's a time when I draw d line. After having feasted on the broken twigs layered with the laundry sauce, and hogged on the red fried pieces o turd, I decided I was gonna draw the fucking line. Right there.

Yeah, by the way, I enjoyed this meal. Right down to the last drop of pissy sauce and down to the last nugget of pigcrap. Yummy!


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