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Veni Calling Veni

krishnaveni | 24 March 2010, 12:16am




Me         :               Hello?

Veni       :               Hey Veni,Veni here.

Me         :               Hey,Hellos. Long time huh!

Veni       :               Yeah!!Seems like somebody doesn’t have any time             for me anymore.

Me         :               Oh Come on yaar! Aise nahinbolthe. I’ve just been occupied with a lot. And I don’t need to tell you, ofall the people. You have always understood me better. And you know what wealways say.

Veni       :               Yeah! Yeah! I know. People whoknow you would never seek an explanation and people who don’t know you wouldnever understand even though you explain.

Me         :               Jsee. Now you should know.

Veni       :               Hmm. Yeah I forgot I was talkingto myself.

Me         :               HaHaHa. So, missed me writing toyou or myself or whatever that would translate to?

Veni       :               Of course!! Why do you think I amgetting all touchy about you being out of touch with me or yourself or whateverthat translates to ?

Me         :               I am sorry. It’s just thatwhenever something big happens in my life, I tend to lose touch with you. Idevote myself completely to whatever is happening in the present.

Veni       :               And if it goes horribly wrong,you avoid me, because I am your harshest critic.

Me         :               And also because I hate tellingmyself the “oh-so-clichéd-I-Told-You-So”.

Veni       :               HaHaHa. Makes sense. But isn’t itbetter off coming from me, precisely from within yourself, than anyone else ?

Me         :               Yeah!  You are right !

Veni       :               I didn’t want to go all preachyon you. That’s definitely not why I called. I just wanted to remind you thatit’s better not to always lose touch with your inner self. I kind of missed thechats that we always had.

Me         :               I am sorry I’ve been ignoringyou. I don’t want to lose myself again. And I’m really glad that you called.Thanks dear.

Veni       :               Don’t thank me. I am here to takecare of you no matter what. I can’t go anywhere else, can I? J

Me         :               So, how do we go about keeping aregular check on our talks then?

Veni       :               You needn’t worry. I will alwaysbe around keeping a tab on you. You can’t keep anything from me. J Will call you when theneed arises.

*and I hang up on myself*




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