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Neurotron | 5 July 2004, 10:25pm

Ever had a fantasy come true?

Was it all you thought it would be? Was it more? Chances are it didn't live up. Which is why some other disappointed person came up with the all-too-true "Be careful what you wish for - it might come true". Yeah, yeah, cliches and all that. But there's a reason they're said so often.

It was almost everything. The electricity went off in only ONE room and, of course, it just HAD to be the bedroom.


I got out the candles. Ok, so they were not scented, but I gots ta save something for next time, ne c'est pas? It was cool because of the rain earlier in the day, and the slight drizzle outside. We could hear it tapping softly on the leaves, and it made for lovely background music. I'd always thought it would be Kenny G and though I did have the choice, I made it Curtis Stigers. Followed by Miles Davis.

The soft glow of the candlelight was the way I'd imagined it would be - not too bright, not too depressingly dim, not flickering too much. Maybe some wine would have helped, but of course, we would have had too much of it and the moment would have floated by on wings of intoxication. Not the best idea. We let far too many of those by, we need to learn to really live in the moment. Another cliche...

But there will always be something missing. Always. And chances are, you will never be able to identify it. You will remain with a feeling of having been cheated, or deprived, of something. Something But does that mean we stop fantasising? Stop building castles for fear the walls will crumble someday? Not dream of perfection for fear we will fall short? Not feel the warmth of love for fear the flames will burn us one day?

I think not.

The burnished hues of that lovely time are, and always will be, etched indelibly in my mind. Thank you, little one, for a magical afternoon...

Current Mood: Mooney
Current Music: The Last Embrace - Curtis Stigers

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