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Jasz "The Spammer" A | 06/07/2004, 12:36 hrs

Unwilling to go home at 10 pm since it was too early, Popesmokesdope and me were looking for some place to eat. We had just come from Raghu Romeo at Prasad's where we had hogged throughout the movie. We were looking for a place that served inexpensive snacks.
We then had a brain wave and headed towards Venkatadri Theatre in Dilshuknagar.
At the start of each week, I mark out all the must-see-movies. This particular movie was marked simply because of it promised sleaze at its best. Movie's name is Mirchi.
A low-budget, late 90's action drama aka B-Grade chiller choot movie, this movie featured 12 hot babes in short skirts. But the sleaze never came. This ticked me off. PSD was ROFL at the song lyrics while I was ROFL at the acting skills. Or rather, the lack of any.
Midway between the movie, while I was talking myself into staying through till the end, I told myself this: "Jasz, this is what rural India lives on. Its a B-Grade grindhouse film".
The last two words reminded me of QT and his Love for the B-grade movie industry. Then I started looking at Mirchi in a different way. I saw a formulaic movie, that played to the directors strengths and delivered what it promised. No different from a Karan Johar movie is it? I started seeing every scene and situation as a parody of the big-budget flicks. The villains lair. The hero's ill fitting leather jacket. The heroine's non-contribution to the flick.
This kind of thinking did not help me like the movie, (it sucked - end of story) it made me think about Kill Bill Vol 1.
I see why some people did not like the movie. FOr all their faults these people do not know jack-shit about beautiful visuals. They dont pay attention to the dialogues except in scenes where the female seduces the male. They do not know that the violence was SUPPOSED to be funny.
This brings the focus back to film-freaks like me. Would I have liked the movie if it was made by anyone other than QT? Even if it resembled this one frame-to-frame? Maybe I would have praised the visuals but thats about it.
I wouldnt have watched it 9 times (only). I wouldnt have quoted it all over the place. I wouldnt have defended it so much. I wouldnt have discussed it with so many people in hope of understanding things that I didnt get yet.
Goes to show how strange movie fans can be. We laugh at people who like movies just because their favourite actor is in it and we go and do the same thing.

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Responses to Jasz on B-Grade Flicks

  1. saale, tum log nahee sudhroge.. Mirchi?? lol.. i want a review asap!

    "Would I have liked the movie if it was made by anyone other than QT?"

    interesting Q raised, i would've still liked the movie coz its awesome.. n knowing QT, i dun think ne1 would've had the audacity i.e balls for making a movie like KB!

  2. Finally! The confession from the man himself. Yup. Just because it was a QT film you liked it. And you would've liked Mirchi, too, if the credits said QT... Awesome!

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