This is the line which will appear under the title when you minions see this post.


Back to me. Sitting here ,shaking my head, shaking the rest of me to some weirdly "shake-inducing" Linkin Park. Those bastards play the "i'm-so-pissed-with-the-world-I-could-torch-myself" act very well. Now, that band keeps me kicking. Right now there's something else keeping me kicking, the unbelievable pain in my mouth from these two ulcers on my gums smack under my front teeth ,so whenever I close my mouth two electrifying shots of pain shoot straight to my cranium. Nice.

OK,I'm done with my pain posting for the day. Guests arrived somewhere in between while I was typing this post, damn. Now I'm feeling totally normal and all the pain-induced hatred which would have manifested itself here is gone. Damn again. Fine. Now lets see, I have so far in this blog o' mine covered various things in life.

The intro post - check.

The Hate post - check....Too Many Secrets will return..keep ur eyes peeled.

The spam - check.

The "in retrospect" post - check...will return with more

The depressed "introspective" post - check...doubtful if it'll happen again..though I never know when I'll feel that way again.

The random-rant-addressing-one-n-all-on-the-blogs post - check.

The general-interest post - check.

The deceptively profound "insightful" "i wonder who i am" post - check...will get back with more of this..gotta give the minions what they crave for.

There you go. I have successfully classified my posts, even though I go about saying "I hate classifications". Damn. Its time for some more now, its time for something out of place around here or maybe something which has been done by other peoples and not done by moi yet. Its time to be inspired. Lets leave that at that.Two things around here : First, someone around these blogs said they were "addicted to blogging". Apart from the fact that, that certain someone stopped posting after that post, I think its so damn true for me. I'm going about my daily life thinking about what I'm going to post and shit. I'm thinking of what people commented and wondering why they said what they said. Now this has got to stop. This blog was supposed to be a place where I let go of myself, not a place which will not let ME go, away. Damn it,again. This brings me to the second "thing" : People going private. Damn you guys, I do NOT care why you did it, its just so much of a pain to access your blogs now :P. Stay out here and let the people read you for what you are worth. You are now confined to a select audience, people who know you exist and it logically follows that you are now totally invisible to the hundreds of junta coming here and seeing insanity prevail in sooo many goddam one-liner posts which barely resemble english, and which look sooo much like Kryptonian. :| GET BACK HERE u two! Ammachai is running amok ppl!! Ruminations over a cup of chai, my hairy arse. Are you sure thats chai you are drinking boy? Damn.

Blogging here has gotten down to being a weird form of exhibitionism and inspiration. Junta I know are actually being affected by what others are posting! People contemplating of quitting only 'coz they can't keep up with the "pseudo-intellectuals" posting around here. People going invisible 'coz they were afraid that they were posting for an audience and not for themselves. People who were posting utter crap  posting utterly weird crap. And me. You know what? I actually respect ammachai,mulavanabuttman,amita for doing what they are doing. Doing their own thing that is, irrespective of whats going on around. Its your goddam blog dammmit, go ahead and post what YOU want! Learn from the masters! You're there in the "Top 5" 'coz you are the best there is,accept it. In a Dramatics workshop sometime back, the teacher-dude told us the first rule of performing for others is "expect nothing". You're NOT being judged, and if you're being criticised by "God"...well, since when did the almighty come down to comment on blogs? Me thinks its a fake, but thats just me you know. :|

Coming back to the point of this place here not letting me go. The only way I can deal with that is by getting back to life and everything else in it. Coll has begun again. It is the beginning of the end for my engineering, and hopefully I'll have so much more to type down. This post is just a way of telling myself that I'm IN CONTROL. I'll post only when I want to. That doesn't mean that I'll have something to say everytime I post, I can/will post crap and get away with it. But thats just me, and you being the "audience" won't mind it, I know that 'coz I'm on the other side everytime I'm not typing anything on this site. People, get your blogs back here, this is an honest plea.

With a promise of a lot of shit to follow after this,


PS: Anyone else notice the relative calm which is prevailing here lately? Peoples are posting so rarely!
PPS: I've been mentioned on my maastah's blog. CHECK IT OUT! Its the link in the upper-left corner.
PPPS: FA....swing away. swing away.
PPPPS: "ppppps" that sounds like a snake....:-S

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