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13 May 2010

To Fullhyd Team

Posted by Oblivion in General | 1:56pm

This is about a topic on discussion forum, so I thought it fitting to post on blog instead of on e-mail. Just curious of the status of the campaign TV news channels killing Hyderabad's image for TRPs. The last comment was posted on March 23, and it's very likely no more comments would come. So, have these comments been sent to the chaps concerned at TV channels? What have the chaps replied (if at all they did!)?

It was an active topic that attracted impressive comments, so I'm curious, as a reader, to know where it stands this day. It'd be encouraging if any of those chaps really replied anything more than the usual politically correct PR bullshit.

The interest of groups dwindles faster and most campaigns don't accomplish anything. Just that the readers would know that at least the fullhyd team did their bit.

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  1. By fullhyd.com:

    10 Jun 2010, 8:51pm [ Reply ]

    Oops, didn't notice this. Thank you, luckychinna, for bringing this to our attention. Apologies to Oblivion for the delay.

    Well, we set a notification to happen if the posts on that thread crossed 100 (since we said we'd do some stuff if the thread hit that number), and as we see it now, the number of posts seems to have fallen just a little short.

    In any case, it was not required. The thread got popular anyway in the places we wanted it to be seen in, both because fullhyd.com is popular in local media companies (they get a lot of local data from here, and are regular users), and because of the response to it (all responses immediately went to the home page like all user posts on fullhyd.com do, and the thread itself was featured there for many days).

    Also, this was one of 4-5 such initiatives that happened at that time, spearheaded by different organizations/groups, and each utilized the other. This was the most visible online initiative, with many articulate responses, and was quoted by others.

    Finally, fullhyd.com, aside of being popular in its own right, is also considered quite credible by search engines, and so anything here ranks rather high in search results (which is one of the reasons we attract so much spam :) ). [As an aside, this blog turns up 5th for a search for "eventually", the first 4 being definitions from the most globally reputed sites, and the next 5 in the top 10 being from equally globally reputed sites.]

    So this thread turns up surprisingly high in most related search results even now. Even in a broad search like "hyderabad image" on Google, which you would assume would throw up results mostly featuring sites with photographs for the city, that thread comes up in the top 5 or so.

    Was the message lost on the TV channels? We would not think so. When the communal clashes happened in the old city in April/May (Hanuman Jayanthi) and there was a curfew, the first 2 days saw almost no coverage on the Telugu TV channels, which was unexpected since the old city was seriously affected. The cumulative effect of all the initiatives must have had some role to play.

    Thank you for bringing this up. You can rest assured that the thread had high visibility, even if it did not cross the cut-off we set for it.

  2. By luckychinna:

    10 Jun 2010, 9:57am [ Reply ]

    Surprising there's no comment/response from FullHyd yet???

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