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2 May 2004


Posted by Captain Scamp in General | 4:19am

With a title like that...of course..i'm bound to get a couple of hits..hey! i'm small and sneaky...not STUPID!

Acha considering I'm completely vela right now. here's bit of trivia - it's wasted on Moppy.

How did the name ADIDAS come about? hah bhai hah those jootas type ADIDAS were talking about!!! anyways...it came from this german Cobbler Adolf (Adi) dassler (DAS)..so 1+1 equals ADIDAS...capiche paisan?! random bits of trivia go a long way.

Adolf's brother - fella called Rudi - he came up with PUMA. the other big shoe company. Oh Adolf was just 23 or so when he designed the first spike-shoes for track and field events!  see there u go..ur brain cells have been jolted back tolife with some useless facts - hopefully the next time ur trying to sidle up to some cute chick at some party - she'll be impressed with ur repertoire of completely pokey facts!

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  1. By Spiff

    8 May 2004, 3:02am [ Reply ]

    oh...i thought ADIDAS was an acronym -All Day I Dream About Sports/(or what my friends would rather believe a three letter word ending in x :D).Ah well nice blog u got going on here...i'm truely enlightened.. :D

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