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16 Jul 2010


Posted by Oblivion in El Eye Ef Ee | 2:47pm

The road was damp. It just stopped raining. The bird fluttered its wings and took to the skies. The leaves drooped with the weight of rain. The baby cried, aching for a reassuring hug from its mother. The flower dropped to the ground, to be crushed by the speeding wheels of the car. The young man behind the wheels jived to the music. The Sun tried in vain to peer through the dark clouds. It would rain again. It was a gentle breeze but it was strong enough to blow the weary leaf off the branch. It would fall. The rain would, too. The buds would bloom.

Sid looked, as he walked, at the clouds. It will rain. Some will dance. Some will die.

There's no knowing when life beats you. Vulnerability is the true measure of strength.

"Guess it comes down to a simple choice really. Get busy living, or get busy dying"
- Andy, Shawshank Redemption

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  1. By chandoo:

    18 Jul 2010, 12:51pm [ Reply ]

    this was the quote you mentioned a few years ago. i needed it. thanks.

  2. By oblivion:

    17 Jul 2010, 1:55am [ Reply ]

    @luckychinna: the buds, for example, dance. the leaf, for example, dies.

  3. By luckychinna:

    16 Jul 2010, 7:55pm [ Reply ]

    so with the rain, who dances, who dies?

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