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18 Jul 2010

Three Birds

Posted by Oblivion in Philosophy | 10:24pm

There are three kinds of birds.

The first bird is aggressive in flight and defending of its purpose. Aggression is its defence. It revels when you forget to fly, and clips your wings to accomplish its own flight. Ruthless in ambition, it's intolerant to deviations to its trajectory and its care is conditional. If you fail to comply, its eyes are red with fury. The rules are its, the game is its, and it takes you for granted. It is the master, you are the slave. It perseveres to impose its strength. Even when you fly along, it doesn't let you speak. Its delight is in reaching its destination.
The second bird is pliant but firm in resolve. Vulnerability is its strength. It grieves when
you forget to fly and strains its wings to fly even to the end of the world just to see you fly. Unconditional in care and patient with trajectory, its delight is in watching you fly. If you give up on flight, its eyes are red with tears. It cares for you above itself. There are no rules, it is no game, flight is life. It braves devastating gales and rains to stand up for you. It perseveres to remind you of your strength. Even when you can't see it, it's never far enough to not hear your voice. Its focus is flight, not destination.

The third bird is too occupied with its own flight that it doesn't care whether you fly or not, or where you fly to. Its greetings are cursory and its smile is shallow.

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  1. By v:

    21 Jul 2010, 10:06pm [ Reply ]

    it's okay. let it be.

  2. By oblivion:

    20 Jul 2010, 6:30pm [ Reply ]

    @v: for reasons quite understandable, i can't post either the context or the names here. will send you by alternative medium and let you know.

  3. By v:

    20 Jul 2010, 6:09pm [ Reply ]

    like i said, i didnt think u'd mention who the 3 are, and u didnt. doesn't matter. anyways, gud luck.

  4. By oblivion:

    20 Jul 2010, 12:35am [ Reply ]

    @v: the third "doesn't care whether you fly or not, or where you fly to". so you can't be.

  5. By v:

    19 Jul 2010, 9:36pm [ Reply ]

    why cudnt i b the third? anyways, i didnt think u'd say who the three are...

  6. By oblivion:

    19 Jul 2010, 12:55pm [ Reply ]

    @v: i wrote it from quite a different perspective. wonder why that doesn't show! and instead it ends up suggesting an incorrect impression! it beats me.

    sad it sounded like a joke, but i swear on everything sacred and say that i meant when i said you are, to me, of the second kind. that's an absolute truth. and i certainly won't be lying even upon swearing.

    you can't be of the first kind, simply for the reason, besides others, that you are not aggressive. and you can't be of the third kind, for obvious reasons. so there's no reason why i would think you are of any other than the second kind.

  7. By oblivion:

    19 Jul 2010, 12:31am [ Reply ]

    @v: now that it sounds so incredible and like a joke, it won't fit if i explain the other two. but you are, to me, of the second kind. that's true.

    further, most of the acquaintances, friends and relations belong to the third.

  8. By v:

    18 Jul 2010, 11:22pm [ Reply ]

    really? good joke. so who are the other two then? care to say?

  9. By oblivion:

    18 Jul 2010, 11:15pm [ Reply ]

    @v: there's perhaps a mistake. the point about "good riddance" doesn't occur at all, because you are of the second kind.

    i wonder when i will be able to write well enough to cut all chances of misinterpretation!

  10. By v:

    18 Jul 2010, 10:53pm [ Reply ]

    got who u referng to by the three, just wondern which among the two is worse - the third or the first... & therefore doesn't the point about "good riddance" stand here?

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