Today's been one of those totally "insipid" days. One of those days when I eat awesum food and don't enjoy it, when I stand in the wake of a sexy cool breeze and don't feel it, when I see a great movie or two and feel like its just blew past me, when I go to church get an inkling of the great sermon being preached but can't remember or recollect a damn thing which the pastor said, when I'm reading a great book but the lines simply fly straight over my head and into oblivion, when my mind just shuts shop, when I'm simply existing and not "living" anymore. Maybe its my cold, maybe its my burning eyes, maybe its the fact that I'm realllly lazy...maybe ,maybe not. But these days ,though few n far in between, still do come. I hate this.

I realised something 'bout myself, the way I see it, all humans can be divided into two types. The "achievers" and the "bums". I'm a bum. The classification is pretty simple. The "achievers" are the guys/gals who actually DO something with their life. Or do something in their life. They have a purpose, no matter how useless/lafanga/incredible it might seem, they have a purpose. Oh wait, another rule, they do NOT laze at home, if they're lazing at home they'll be working or writing up great stuff, painting their magnum opus. They live in the REAL world, no fucking around in the virtual wasteland of the internet all their life. Again, if they're online 24/7 for writing the next bestseller, thats fine by me, not dipshits who grow grass on their bum while chatting incessantly.

Focus. Thats the point I'm trying to drive at ,I guess. A single-minded focus on something, any-goddam-thing, a lot of things even, those are the achievers for me. The bums are the ones who dibble at something, dabble at something else, not doing anyone right. I ain't saying the "achievers" are always at work at one thing, just saying that they finish what they begin, do not quit midways and stick to their job. The REAL world aspect is a big thing for me, the guys who are out there doing something right here, right now. And here come the examples, all these are people whom I know. The dude who goes to a gym every single day, I can never seem to do that. The dipshit who stalks girls for a living, I never have the patience for that, too lazy. The guy who sits at his comp all day, but comes up with some awesome prose/poetry n d other dude who sits on his bum all day and conjures up some of the most macabre pieces of english ever. The female, who tops her class, reads a zillion books, starts a book-club, travels here,there n everywhere, stars in plays, practices Tai Chi, attends d damn lit-club which I can never get myself to goto, lives life for all its worth. The dude who is lying stoned/sloshed/doped at some corner right now, he had a focus atleast. The schumi-fan who's right now setting the road on fire, who might end up as a pile of metal, well... he had focus. The nerd who's building that goddam prototype which will get him that goddam prize. All those bloggers out here whose posts have a clear definition. Stupendousman.

Dilly-dallying. Thats what the bums are all about. As I'm a self-proclaimed bum, this post needn't have any focus.

So here I go and end it.




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