Its been a 1/2-hr since I posted the "shocked" post. Something makes me believe I did the wrong thing. I'm sitting here at Mehdipatnam on a drowsy morning, the weather's great, the car radio's playing "nelluri neeraja", I'm waiting as always for the late lateefs in my carpool. In retrospect, I should have seen this coming, FA going off that is. Why does this affect me so much? 'Coz the angel was a true inspiration to moi joining these blogs.


It was on the cards, I guess. My previous post "a place for my head" spoke 'bout expectations and how they can put you on a pedestal or bring you down from the top. Me not talk bout that nomore. Any guesses for why she left? Burnout? boredom? likely. It could be any goddam thing, but thats not the point of this post here. This is "in memorium".

Goodbye FA. I will miss you. I may not have read all your posts, wish I did. I read a few which left me speechless, jaw-on-the floor, heck even ROTFL...thank you for all that and so much more.


I'll catch the memoirs of an invisible angel (i atleast have access to the archives).

Angels don't die ,do they? : They just become invisible to us mortals.

          R.I.P Fallen Angel



Y be this affecting me so much? 'Coz i'm the bum who can't find much to post.


PS: Did I mention? I'm good at Photoshop.

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