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The Last of the Particans

Neurotron | 14 July 2004, 1:49pm

Someone once mentioned he liked reading my tales of parties and the like. So, here’s another about the revelry and debauchery of my college days.

Ok, not so much debauchery as such, but drunken revelry, nevertheless. When I was in London, I happened to meet, and stay with, a social butterfly from Hyderabad. She was a butterfly only figuratively, for she was of rather large proportions. Hmm, maybe ‘figuratively’ isn’t the right word. Can’t say ‘in a broad sense’ either. Though at least two meanings of ‘broad’ would be applicable here. (Beep beep! Pun overload!).
And she also wasn’t, err…too intellectually inclined, shall we say. The London life hasn’t cured her of either problem, I’m reliably told. But she was rather innocent. And sweet. My professor there taught me that that’s what one should say if one has nothing better to say.

Anyway, she made one or two trips back to Hyd during our time together. And she always raved about how much the place has changed, how the culture is more open now, and some stuff about cute boys in big cars and lots of money, which I didn’t quite catch. Wasn’t paying too much attention. I was lost in the memories of the parties we used to have in college. And if she was right, the scene must have only gotten better! I mean, with the number of people we knew, the parties being thrown now must surely be by the younger siblings of the extended party family. Yay! The younger ones always looked up to us as the ‘in’ crowd. I mean, who wouldn’t eh? We had PARTIES, for God’s sake. With sophisticated (and, ok, not so ‘sophisticated’) women, who drank and smoked and wore ‘cool’ clothes. The current bunch would love to have one of the ‘seniors’ back, right? I wouldn’t have to mourn the loss of the London nightlife and the clubbing – I had parties in Hyd just waiting, right?!


To say I was disappointed would be to put it mildly. It seemed like the bachchalog forgot what parties are made of. I did the usual – blamed our generation. Maybe their schooling was insufficient. Maybe they’ve been mesmerized by the lure of the moolah being dangled by the devious BPOs. Maybe they forgot that parties are more than a bunch of guys sitting around, getting pissed, and lewdly discussing various aspects of the opposite sex. That, you morons, is done WITH the women around. So they can join in, and you can get some much needed education. Like the wise man said, at parties, education is what you’re left with when the booze is finished.

And a good party would be like the ones we had. Not like the corporate faloozas we see nowadays. Someone told someone who told a third who told everyone that there would be a party at such and such place and at such and such time. You just landed up and inevitably found at least 5 people you knew one way or the other. And tried to get to the secretly bought Smirnoff before the insensitive buffoon throwing the party, whom you vaguely knew, got all selfish and distributed it only amongst his close friends. One, of course, does not dance. One watches all the other inevolutes jumping to bhangra, one laughs ones guts out in favoured company, and one waits till one gets pissed enough to be excused for doing the same thing. Then there was the phase where we were known as the ‘rock/metal heads’. In black tees with various gory images, strutting like kings till we realized we were out of ciggies and would have to beg and borrow. But I’ll save those stories for another time. We would have a fucking blast; with whatever we had, and not expect more or worry too much about inconsequencies like exams or home. It’s sad - they just don’t make parties like they used to, anymore.

I would love to be proved wrong here. Sadly, looks like the young ‘uns have lost the thread. Sadly, a good party now is like classic rock – a memory of a glorious past, better times, and cheap and thoroughly enjoyable fun. A lost art.

Sadly, it seems like we were, in fact, the Last of the Particans.

Current Mood: Heroic
Current Music: Lady - Mojo (the ONLY song that would get me to at least WANT to dance)

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  1. 1. By drp  |  14 Jul 2004, 2:49pm

    i believe its "Modjo"...:|
    thats for correctin moi before..
    n btw....worrai! ole chap fella...we DO P-a-r-t...-Y? 'coz we gotta!! :P
    wen do i get to be a substance....? :-L

  2. 2. By patch  |  14 Jul 2004, 3:20pm

    :) SO long ago. a whole other time, man.

  3. 3. By Neurotron  |  14 Jul 2004, 3:43pm

    drp, u know what...??? oh whats the use...u cant see this. :-D
    And till I see a REAL party, you lot don't. Period.
    Like I said, I'd love to be proved wrong.
    btw, u get to be a substance on Sat evng, 6.30. I'll call u n confirm. U coming right?
    @ patch: innit.

  4. 4. By aloque  |  14 Jul 2004, 6:49pm

    parties with women in them....there is some pleasant nostalgia....sighhhh

  5. 5. By Stupendous Man  |  14 Jul 2004, 11:51pm

    oh man..modjo! i rem i told you that it's perhaps the only number that culd make me consider dancing..that's if im not high.

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