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2 Oct 2010

Str a n ded

Posted by Oblivion in El Eye Ef Ee | 6:32pm

Impasse. I've lost it.

I'm making the most outrageous move in life.

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  1. By chandoo:

    26 Oct 2010, 12:20am [ Reply ]

    thanks for putting me through to your bro. he was an absolute help. dude, little did i know i was talking to a math wizard! just saw it on tv that he is one of the winners of the indian nobel prize! congrats! convey my wishes.

    abhi told me of your injury. fine now? be careful with adventures

  2. By Linus:

    23 Oct 2010, 10:07pm [ Reply ]

    the injury should've preceded the decision :-) joke aside, how are you doing now? better?

  3. By u know:

    8 Oct 2010, 9:59pm [ Reply ]

    that "outrageous" thing you said you did didn't surprise me one bit! and neither is it one bit "outrageous" by your standards!

    what however hapend just soon after and how you just walked blindly and dangerously into getting hurt was totally "outrageous" - actually "fills me with rage" - like all those other totally incomprehensible things u've been doing all these years!!!

    am still so angry with you...

    u just don't understand, u've no idea, right! x(

  4. By rakesh:

    8 Oct 2010, 1:00pm [ Reply ]

    all those years ago at college, when you used to talk about life, love, truth, etc and all that crap, i thought you were insane and really hoped you will change. i see that you haven't changed a bit!

    buddy, it's only money that talks. nothing else does. ee vishayam neeku ardham kaavaalani naa korika. and ee outrageous move ento cheppi chaavu :-)

  5. By chandoo:

    8 Oct 2010, 12:08pm [ Reply ]

    what's up? ur phone is off. where r u?

  6. By murthy:

    3 Oct 2010, 9:21pm [ Reply ]

    the romantics don't think what is practicable and what is not. they don't mind risks. those who think in terms of practicability are averse to risks. they prefer to play safe. you are a romantic and that's your strength. so no matter what the move is, i am sure you will find a way.

    it's the romantics who do anything worthwhile in this world. that's the positive side. i am not one, so take my word.

  7. By Linus:

    3 Oct 2010, 2:02pm [ Reply ]

    what's that??

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