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17 Jul 2004

Love and Responsibility

Posted by Oblivion in General | 12:16am

Does love have responsibility and duty, and will it use those words? When you do something out of duty is there any love in it? In duty there is no love. The structure of duty in which the human being is caught is destroying him. So long as you are compelled to do something because it is your duty you don't love what you are doing. When there is love there is no duty and no responsibility.

Most parents unfortunately think they are responsible for their children and their sense of responsibility takes the form of telling them what they should do and what they should not do, what they should become and what they should not become. The parents want their children to have a secure position in society. What they call responsibility is part of that respectability they worship; and it seems to me that where there is respectability there is no order; they are concerned only with becoming a perfect bourgeois. When they prepare their children to fit into society they are perpetuating war, conflict and brutality. Do you call that care and love?

Such a genius is JK! Why doesn't anyone 'see' something that is so clear!? It's a paradox that will confound me for ever.

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  1. By v: my 2-penny worth thoughts....

    11 Jul 2009, 11:30am [ Reply ]

    Is "duty" devoid of "the feeling of willingness to do", then? I think love especially is one such feeling that *carries with it* a sense of responsibility and duty - but ones that we'd be more than willing to act on, most heartfeltly i guess!

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