16th July 2004

aloque | 17/07/2004, 01:10 hrs

Moments like this are rare. Just when I think life is settling into a monotone, it jumps out at me like Hobbes when Calvin returns home from school. Sure, I am going to get mauled but I love it.

Meeting an old friend, long walk in the park, pleasant conversation, laughing out aloud, taking my helmet off to ride the bike as the night breeze lifts my spirits, the smell of impending rain, bonding with my brother, chocolate chip ice cream. Seeing life from a perspective that I never would have. Kick me up the back side when I complain about my life.

Our mother is the darkness

we will live seeking light,

die as the light finds us.


Before we lose our wings

we will live happy as can be

die in the throes of pleasure


As our flights crash, smiles

will remain as pure, no cares

of unraveling life's mysteries.


Current Mood: Grand
Current Music: Aa bhi jaa - Sur

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Responses to 16th July 2004

  1. NAHIN! cannot take the fucking optimism, darling. you do know that driving without a helmet is foolish. 'helmet or hell met', in the words of the billboard near the police control room. good for you, though :) but if you have an accident and crack your skull don't come running to me.

  2. Well, I woke up feeling the same way that I went to sleep feeling.
    So, I am going to say, bring on the hurricane, my parade loves the rain.

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