Wow. This whole writing business is so goddam funny. I remember bein' all preachy and shit in a previous post talkin 'bout expectations and how you shouldn't let 'em get the better of you. Well, in the past two days, it bit me right back in the butt ('it' being expectations ...and also an ant). I mean, a chic comes up to me n says "omg!! U r payne? wow! u're so goddam funny! omg!! I can't believe it! U r payne?! wow! nauseam..." Well, being the superhero I am , I was kinda flummoxed as to how she recognised my avatar (**hint hint : bare torse **hint hint). (The last 3 sentences are a gross distortion of the truth).

That being that, my goddam super-hero post got me pasted onto the goddam front page of fullhyd, goddamit. These goddam press people will do anything for publicity ,I say. I mean, I ain't page 3 material, leave alone "Hot Blog" material! The things they do for hits...the things they do..sheesh. NEway, all I'm saying is, I thought they put me on a goddam pedestal, while ,infact, all they were doing is showing me that there are humans out there who actually like reading my shit! Or maybe its jus the omnipotent KKK n all his various avatars givin' moi the hits...hmm..I dun care, me getting hits, me happy, goddamit.

So there, all this goddam thought-process 'bout all this goddam new-found audience made me actually sit and think 'bout what I was gonna blog about next. Ha ha ha HA! ROTFL!! I actually mentioned "think" and its other forms TWICE along with "me" and its other forms in the same goddam sentence! I don't think before I post! Wtf ever gave me that idea! Now that I'm relieved of that pain...its time to actually start typing coherently again.

Sports. Of course, I'm making it quite obvious that I'm fresh off the IND-SL match, that we just bummed out of. Sport stands for everything that I love in life. Hope, triumph, elation, euphoria, the depths of depression, hatred, and bumming it. Hope, damn, I already posted on this before. In this context howevah, every goddam game, till the last ball is bowled, I'm actually sitting with my heart in my throat. Blindly faithful that my immense concentration ,on the proceedings on the field, will somehow alter the outcome. Ridiculously believing that I, lazing away on a couch, with my willpower ,can make the team win. Like everywhere else in life, I tend to be very optimistic in this regard too:P.

Elation, euphoria, triumph, depression, the depths. I'm a verrry influencable(is that a word?) fella. Sports, not only the real thing, even in movies(later on this) too makes me go like " :O :O, aaaaaaaa, noooooo, wooohOOOOOO! yeah man!!" (ok..that sounds like sumthin else...wtever!). Its one of the ONLY things in life which makes the Payne cry! The whole "goosebumps" effect while the commentators build up the tempo, the nail-biting finishes, the "this-piss-can-wait-till-the-next-break" effect which has had a surprising effect on men's libido all over the world, the "dead-body-parts" effect which makes gettin up from the couch damningly difficult, the "if-that-sunnavabitch-doesn't-score-now-i'll-maim-his-entire-family" thing (ok..this is gettin tedious).... I goddam love it goddamit!

All these add upto one helluva bumming experience. Btw, this on-off addiction of mine relates to any sport of ANY goddam kind. From cricket, Amreekan phuttbawll, soccer, F1, tennis, byasebawwl,baseketball, billiards(!), lan-gaming(*bwahahahahaha!) to even that game played with that ball made from bamboo and played like volleyball ,only with the feet. Some Indonesian thing. Oh yeah, that reminds me of beach-volleyball (ohhh yeah!). 

Thats about it for 2nite folks, I gotta go review some resumes and feed the lizards n bats.

See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya.



PS : 13 goddamits...not bad...not bad at all.

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