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22 Mar 2011


Posted by Oblivion in Poetry | 2:36pm

walking on the tarmac
i spotted a dead rat,
still, quiet and dead,
and walked on
as if i noticed nothing

lying on the tarmac
the dead rat, still,
quiet and dead, spotted me
and slept on
as if he noticed nothing

an evening, sombre
a dark road, burning
a brief encounter
one was dead -
the dead rat or i?

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  1. By Oblivion:

    13 Apr 2011, 10:15pm [ Reply ]

    @arjun: in short, it's about indifference. and one wonders if it is not death.

    @Linus: some questions are vague, after all :-)

  2. By Linus:

    23 Mar 2011, 2:17pm [ Reply ]

    if the dead was possibly not dead, isn't the question vague?

  3. By arjun : Road

    22 Mar 2011, 11:35pm [ Reply ]

    Dear Oblivion,

    I don't understand this poetry. But it looks good. Can you tell me what you want to say exactly?

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