There's jus something about exam application forms and their deadlines. That is, when I see them for the first time. Its the way my heart starts to race, its the way I see myself facing my nemesis again, facing upto destiny's wrath and showing my middle finger. December 31st folks, the results. Its been a while since I felt thisaways, its like being back in "intensive-coaching" again, the weekly mock-exams, the continuous drilling by the lects about how this is the biggest thing you'll ever end doing in life, while fact is, just about every exam I give in life seems bigger than the last one. Or so my mind goes.

I just saw the fucking deadlines, and the date of the results, and somewhere in between - the date of the exam itself. Btw, folks....Welcome to Payne's World : The World of the Supah-Geek. I love it here, I love the goddam entrance exams, all those poor souls sitting there, raking their brains, fiddling with their pens, scribblin away with their pencils, folding/refoldin hankies....damn.

November 21st. CAT. Just another Mock for moi.

Tension mounts in the Dungeon of Payne.


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