There are  books which are un-put-downable and books which are jus un-fucking-put-downable. Its 2:30AM in the real world, but over here in Payne's World the sun is out and its one bright mofo mornin class in the IIT. Our hero for the night is actually five minutes early to this class.

I'm talking 'bout Five Point Someone. 140 pages through and it doesn't look like the Payne is going to sleep tonight. Its been a while since a book has kept me awake, made me smile, made my heart do a lil flip, brought a lump in my throat, or even made my jaw-drop with wonder. I guess, one of the (many) reasons I'm so in love with this book, is 'coz I can actually relate to it. But hell, if I said that, I would be bringing down the level of this book, this is a fucking masterpiece is what it is. Heck,calling it a 'book' in itself is weird, its like reading the best narration of a fictional-real-life ever. Its like reading an exaggeration of the truth ,definitely this book is based on the author's real-life experiences. I say exaggeration, not like a bad thing, this is exaggeration at its best(I need to expand my vocabulary). Every nitty-gritty detail making me reflect on my life.....ok, I haven't finished the goddam book. Who knows, maybe its time for the first Payneful Book Review! :-O

Signing out from the front bench of an Indem class, IIT-Delhi, Batch of '95.



EDIT :  4:42AM in the Dungeon of Pain. I'm done with the book. I can hardly remember the last time a book brought about some many emotions in one night. Kinda speechless and extremely sleepy. All I do remember is, the last time I stayed up all night - IIT Chennai, Jan 26th 2004.

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