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If it makes you happy...

Neurotron | 20 July 2004, 4:40pm

It's funny how just looking at my bike all nice and shiny everyday (now that I've got someone to clean it) makes me so happy.

So it's true I guess - happiness IS in the small things. As an amateur psychologist, I might have been tempted to analyse this to death. But I won't. Who cares? I'm happy, it's not at the expense of anyone else (seeing I'm paying the guy more than others pay him to do the same job), it's not expensive, and it's a regular occurrence. What else can one ask for?

Happiness Theory.

I'm glad I've shared my Happiness Theory with a few people, who seemed to think it made a lot of sense. It's odd how we so regularly suppress that which might make us truly happy inside, in order to fool ourselves that we are, in fact, already happy. And I'm not talking about deliriously over-the-moon happy. That will come on its own. I'm talking about contentment, plain and simple. Most of know, deep down, what would make us happy. We, of course, need to balance that with what is reasonable and achievable.

And it could be absolutely anything. All we have to do is identify, plan a little, and achieve. What we do everyday in our jobs for somebody else who pays us money, which we think we can use, at some point, to make ourselves happy. But when is that point? When do we realise and decide that it's time to be happy? We all know the answer.

The time is now. Always.

Yes, I will work in a non-rewarding/boring/unhappy job, if it will help me do the other things that give me happiness. But I need to be achieving that happiness on a regular basis. When I started working, nothing gave me more happiness than being able to buy things for my parents, take my cousins and friends out for meals or fun, and pay for my own fun. But the key there was DOING it. We tend to forget that little bit, which we should be doing for ourselves, the most important component in this deal. And we achieve targets day in and day out in our jobs, you'd think we'd be getting better at knowing the best ways to reach the most important targets.

If it makes you happy
it can't be that bad...
If it makes you happy
then why the hell are you so sad...?

Current Mood: Cheerful
Current Music: If it makes you happy - Sheryl Crow

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  1. 1. By tabrez  |  20 Jul 2004, 5:40pm

    i can so relate to the shiny bike part :)

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