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21 Jul 2004


Posted by Captain Scamp in General | 5:40am

It’s always amazing how everybody else’s blog is cooler than mine..hmmmm..I think it’s a big sign from ..er…whoever! anyways..ahm-baak!

My life has been jam packed for the past couple of days..have been dealing with all sorts of random events…stuff that even the parrot can’t forecast. For eg.One Brother randomly landing up in town, One Best friend randomly landing in the country, One CribbyScamp randomly deciding to leave town…asking me go along with the mass exodus…leaving me to deal with all these forces of crappy nature!! Whew!!

So, have been busying myself collecting bits and pieces of trivia. Like Spiderman’s desi version of Pavitr Prabhakar is my favorite so far. They’re planning to make an Indian Version and sell it here. Anyways, do you know Gotham Comics – the guys who sell Spiderman in India actually sell 5 lakh copies of the comic each month… this is the real Spiderman..mind you…EACH MONTH DUDES! That’s 500,000 copies of the swinging arachnid floating around town..stuff rocks!

Have also discovered if I don’t get a mouthful of squishy carbo rich pasta type food in my mouth at regular intervals. I begin to get withdrawal symptoms. So each time that I feel like eating Italian Food aajakal, I go over to Guptas- the friendly neighborhood dhaba- and eat get this… Bread Omlette..YUCK! oh well, beggars can’t be choosers aye!

This post is long..I’m gonna run over to Guptas now..I’m in the mood for Italian!

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