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21 Jul 2004

The big O

Posted by Just a little unwell in General | 8:44am

I've got nothing more to loose(n)!! Not my purse strings coz there ain't much in it, anyway. Not my morals too, I suppose............. not that i'm a very upright person, but I prefer safety, more than anything else. Not my belt definitely..... it has to be in its tightest position, considering my purse and its scarce contents. Maybe I need to loose my sanity, so that the things around me don't affect me much.

I've always been a looser. Loose contacts make me loose contacts - exactly when someone on the Net who I think is interesting reciprocates interest, the loose connection takes over and I end up loosing all my patience. At other times, a slew of viruses are let loose on my PC (they say you need to watch out for these things before deciding to visit those sites) and I loose all my valuable files, including those downloaded (instructional) video clips.

I hate all the loose things. Loose change....... not good for anything unless you have amassed a real pile - even then, people look up and down if you do decide to use your stockpile to pay for anything. What a way to loose respect! Loose remarks......... i've made a lot of them only to end up loosing the love of my near and dear ones. Loose motion....... well! no further explanations!! Loose nuts........ especially those on the two wheels of your two wheeler. You could be loosing your life coz of some nuts, like it almost happened to me once. Luckily, there was a temple in the vicinity and divine mercy showered on me, preventing the inevitable (a God-fearing mechanic's explanation, not mine) Loose clothes......... never trusted their wearers - the popes, the priests, the nuns, the swamis, the mullas, the sants, the babas, the monks. Ain't it funny that they all dress similarly? They successfully made me loose faith in God and religion.

I better stop and don't loose any further time and sleep writing this blog........

Disclaimer: No pun intended at the expense of some of my favorite bloggers :D

Current Mood: Cheerful
Current Music: Loosing my religion - REM

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  1. By drp

    21 Jul 2004, 9:44am [ Reply ]


  2. By mls

    21 Jul 2004, 10:12am [ Reply ]

    Loose your sanity!! You posted this on a Tuesday night, didnt you?

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