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..and then,

Neurotron | 21 July 2004, 1:38pm

A tale still recounted at reunions.

Social studies class. The teacher has just finished a long discourse on the French Revolution. She sounded very knowledgeable about the whole thing.

"...and thus, the French Revolution ended in fiasco."
She looked up, sighed, gave a half smile and looked at us expectantly.

"Madam, what is 'fiasco'?"

"Oh, it's a place in France.."


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  1. 1. By martiandevil  |  21 Jul 2004, 2:38pm

    lol...made me remember my second class teacher who insisted giraffe was spelled z.i.r.a.f.f.e

  2. 2. By Neurotron  |  21 Jul 2004, 4:39pm

    mine was convinced it was 'zirofee'. Plus the other one who talked about 'helikaafters'.
    And an English teacher, no less, who got so mad at a sleeper, she screamed "should I sing you a loolabee??!"

  3. 3. By mls  |  22 Jul 2004, 10:37am

    bloopers galore! lol

    maybe she should have used some technique cyaaled rewayrse saicyaalezi!

  4. 4. By Swati  |  18 Aug 2004, 2:13pm

    One of my literature teachers was convinced that Jane Austen was a pseudonym used by a "James" Austen... I've heard of women taking men's names to get their writing published, but a man taking a woman's name? Victorian women must be more advanced than we thought!!

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