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Neurotron | 4 May 2004, 1:44pm

I should be able to read my previous posts without having to post first every to is the do this thingie?

Current Mood: Angry
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  1. 1. By  |  4 May 2004, 2:44pm


    You can go to your blog directly typing


  2. 2. By  |  4 May 2004, 2:45pm

    Also, how did you manage to get past without typing in a title and current music for this post? Verrrry interested in knowing.

  3. 3. By Neurotron  |  6 May 2004, 9:00am

    Yeah, I get the direct URL part. But thats how OTHERS shld get to goto my blog directly. I shld have a link from my blog homepage after signing in. Maybe its cos im used to it in blogger...its convenient tho'.

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