the picture..thanks JLU

aloque | 23/07/2004, 23:53 hrs

all new comers see the previous post


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Responses to the picture..thanks JLU

  1. You're welcome :) Glad you could do it. Nice pic you've got there :)

  2. you've gotten yourself an almost profound quality to your posts.

    i hope you won't take see me in bad light when i say the picture was lacking the beauty you msut have tried to bring out.

    nevertheless, it's interesting to read your posts.

    and thanks for linking me.

  3. I kinda like the blurring of detail though it was because of my own limited ability and that of my camera.
    The memory a picture brings back is what i continue taking almost 30 pictures a day for, just to remind myself of all the awesome experiences. Any aesthetic quality the picture might have is just a bonus.

  4. about linking you, you were linked from about your 3rd post on.
    you are the best with words around here.
    reading you is an experience.
    no thanks required, man. the pleasure is all mine.

  5. Thats a lovely picture.
    And talking of links, thanks for linking my blog, and please delete it now, as it has died.
    Hope to read more about Hyd from your posts. Its nice and interesting.

  6. thats a nice post and a nice picture as well... :)

  7. i like the bit of dark cloud poking in :)

  8. c'mon, magicman, don't be like that.
    patch - the dark cloud is my favourite part as well

  9. Dont be like what, Aloque ?
    I have deleted my blog and full into commenting now :)
    I am a girl, by the way !

  10. The dark cloud seems like an oger havin a projectile puke!

  11. Hank, must be my state at 5 30 am on sunday but i can see what you see.
    Magicwoman then, thats a shock to say the least. i guess i havent been paying attention.

  12. I think the pic would appear better if you upload it without 'compression' as I realized from my experience. Like to try it? :)

  13. sure man, you the guru of all my uploading

  14. it wudn't make any difference dude...JLU.
    its aloque's awesome camera responsible for d image quality..can't help it...:)

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