STuF to KeeP U BuMeD uP!!

Life at 90 Km!!!

Posted by Sagar | 25/07/2004 00:34 o my frenz jusss bot a 180 Dtsi(puslar)...

Blieve Me...It RoCKS!! to da cORe.. the Pickup man..woah..80 is like Nothin for tat Machine which is sppsdly a bike..The Bikes First Srvice jus done.. soo..theres our license to start screwin other words..goin fast fast fast.... tday was like one of my best days... so this guy arvind comes to my crib.. an we decide to test the limits outa his mean machine.....

After drivin around a bit carefully through the streets of himayat nagar, then the moment we had been waitin for... as ssooon as we reach that bus stop near Lumbini...we Let it RIP...

The speedo was like jumpin!!we were touchin 80 in no time.. by the time we knew it..we were cornerin at 90!!!! this was like soooo soo kool.... zippin thorugh the the SOUNd  made by this jus catches the eyes of EVERYONE!!

we then take turns ridin the c who could go faster..110 we touchd on the speedometer... then we dcided we raped the bike enough for a day.. so went to some dhaba type thingy....ate to the max.....talked over our ya..enough said..

Verdict..180DTsi ROCKS!!!

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  1. Posted by tabrez
    25 Jul 2004, 1:34am

    Agreed the 180 dtsi is fast, but it is still debatable whether it is faster than the Honda Karisma.The 225CC karisma with its higher cubic capacity and lighter cabon rims is definately more maneuverable,the dtsi feels more sturdy and has the big bike feel.The engine block also has better breathing characteristics cuz of extra fins and the extra plug gives it an electrical edge.But teh dtsi seems to loses steam past 120km/hr.i've personally done 130k/h on the karisma and it felt it still had some juice left(unlike myself).I hear the LML Graptor is preety tight too...Anyone ridden it??

  2. Posted by JOhnny
    25 Jul 2004, 4:30am

    ENFIELD BULLET Rocks........
    Hmmmm the sweet sound it makes. Its the Man's Bike dude.. :D

  3. Posted by whg
    25 Jul 2004, 10:12am

    i dont like bikes which make noise....dude dont u have enuf money to put a silencer??

  4. Posted by Sagar
    25 Jul 2004, 10:50pm

    enfiled is SOLID man..its HEAVY... an enfiled is an enfiled..pulsar is pulsar

  5. Posted by tabrez
    26 Jul 2004, 12:55am

    And what are all you enfield lovers gonan do when someone steals your battery????? better yet u still have your batter but the lead wire to the ignition comes undone or is soggy???
    gonna have one DEAD bike to push back home! I like bullets if only i had been born 20 years ahead of my time!!!

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