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24 Jul 2004

The capture of Secunderabad

Posted by Just a little unwell in General | 11:41pm

No, this is not a history lesson :)

Last November, I went around Secunderabad clicking pictures with a borrowed Nokia 3650. Now, I'm going public with the outcome of that exercise :) The pics are hosted here and my personal favorite among them would be the one below, coz of the contrast in colors:


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  1. By Aran

    25 Jul 2004, 12:41am [ Reply ]

    That's a lovely pic. :)
    And you have Arts College too. What a building. Sigh!
    Liked the St. Mary's shrine too. :)

  2. By Tabrez

    25 Jul 2004, 2:15am [ Reply ]


  3. By JOhnny

    25 Jul 2004, 4:25am [ Reply ]

    Justa... Wow u got St Anns too? :O :O T'was My haven in those school days.. :D
    And Arts college.. great Building dude. You came so close to ma house ;)

  4. By JLU

    25 Jul 2004, 11:04am [ Reply ]

    Hi Aran, Tabrez & JOhnny, glad you like the pics :)

    I covered St.Ann's in response to someone's request. The school authorities made sure they let me shoot the pics only when the students were not around :) I liked the place coz each building looks unique.

    And yes, the Arts College building (rather, the entire University campus) is a favorite too. :) If you drive in the nights on a two-wheeler inside the campus, there are places where you'll feel the temperature suddenly dropping. It's an awesome experience.

  5. By JOhnny

    25 Jul 2004, 6:12pm [ Reply ]

    I do that daily when ia m in hyd... driving around in the campus late nights..

  6. By Stupendous Man

    29 Jul 2004, 2:21pm [ Reply ]

    looks quite good. i agree with you on the art's college experience.

  7. By meggie

    15 Aug 2004, 8:50pm [ Reply ]

    :) nice snap

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