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[ For as long as I can remember I have always been facinated with plants. I could spend hours in the garden playing with mud and plants. For presents and gifts I ask for a live plant so I could mark the occasion and always remember the day whenever I looked at the plant. The before and after picture (when newly planted(before), a month later when all settled(after) gives me great satisfaction and immense joy. I can dwell on that feeling the entire day. A lot of plant lovers can relate to what I am saying and those who cannot well ....there is a lot of mud, soil, dirt whatever you call it and just a tiny plant to give you the same joy. And ofcourse ..some love is extremely important. So here are my finds from the horticulture expo 2012 held at necklace road hyderabad. I went on the last day so the crowd was huge. I managed to get a few that was on my list. Among them are some herbs and medicinal plants like Sweet Basil, Indian Borage, Betal, Aloe Vera. Among others were Ivy creeper, Crape Jasmine, lily bulbs, Periwinkle, and some that I need to figure out the names. I am quite fascinated by herbs and like the idea of growing them in the garden in all possible empty spaces. Give me some time and I will share with you the before and after of all these plants that I got along with their medicinal value. Thanks for reading, Love Sunita ]


Posted by Sunita Suhas in General | 31 Jan 2012, 1:07pm

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