The OS War

praveen | 26/07/2004, 07:19 hrs

After seeing the ease of windows & stability of linux,do  u think that linux is really a threat to windows?Well,I dont think so b'cos as long as installing linux is so hard people find linux no match to Windows.And a new os at the corner(Windows LongHorn) microsoft is safe i think.

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  1. Visit utopicillusion

    Okay ..let's face the facts...

    U have NOT installed Linux (i presume,u wud use Redhat, now called the Fedora project) ever.

    How can u make such a stupid comment without even verifying such a thing.

    Yeah, and microsoft will be safe because of dickheads like you.

  2. Ended up here browsing randomly. Interesting thought: you made this post on July 26, 2004 (looks like you immediately got blasted by my brothers there) and it's 31 March, 2006 and Longhorn (now Vista) won't be available for home computers till mid-2007 (correct me if you know any more solid). In the mean time, Fedora Core 5 is out and Ubuntu's the new buzz. GNOME 2.14 is so damn good that I stopped playing games in Windows (that's all you can do there, you know).

    Here's an interesting article from /.
    Forrester Research examined the trust that American households place in PC and consumer electronics. Sony, Dell and Bose all recieved a ranking of A+ while Microsoft recieved a C (I know most of you would say it is closer to a F).

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