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5 Mar 2012

Political Ladder

Posted by Oblivion in General | 7:29pm

Barely an hour after I had reached an acquaintance's and had a cup of tea, I heard a knock on the door. He rushed and opened. They greeted him warmly, and one could see they knew him quite well. When Aunt entered the room and greeted them, her manner and tone suggested she too was familiar with them. The group, I realised soon, was out for a political campaign. And this chap, in his mid-twenties, has impressive people skills and a strong local network. They wanted him to join. 

"Leave me alone today. I have a guest and I promised to take him around our town", he offered an excuse.

The group insisted he must join. He had to agree. Aunt smiled and said, "He is always on the roads!" I smiled. 

As he prepared to leave, he told me he will return in a couple of hours and then take me out. It meant I could just laze around for some time, so I definitely had no problem. Curiously I asked about the motives of the group. He briefed me that they are, among other things, committed to support Team Anna's campaign againt corruption. 

"Great", I said. "Do you believe in Anna's campaign?"

Tucking in his shirt, he replied with a smile, "I don't have any stand on that. But then who cares? I campaign for them, and they pay me 100 bucks per day".

"That's nice!"

"Yeah, bro!" he combed his hair. "Watch some TV. I will soon be back. Ciao!"


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