The very concept of women's day sickens me. I mean half the population (Three and a half billion people) are women...So it’s appalling that we should be celebrating a day to honor their existence and their value.

I mean no disrespect to any woman; it’s just that humanity as a social order is made to celebrate a day honoring half of humanity’s value and place in society is what shocks me.

For centuries women were oppressed, tortured and are still looked as a burden and a trouble by some people and cultures.  The fact that men had relegated women to kitchens and bedrooms is an act of utter disgrace.

Every time we read that a woman has done a remarkable and noteworthy achievement I feel that society is the one which builds the gap between the sexes. Accomplishments of women must be more common, more frequent and a normal thing – and be made so redundant and ordinary that society becomes more equal than male dominated.

My sister is one person, out of many, who has instilled confidence in me that women will one day not just be equal to men but also dominate society in most fields. I would love to see a day when woman shape the course of the future – I bet it wouldn’t be as loud as what we men have brought onto humanity.

Well anyways as I said I won’t wish you a Happy Women’s Day… But I wish all the women on the planet every success and happiness in all your wonderful endeavors.