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travelogue .. | 26 July, 2004 15:57

mm.. ok , this is the toughest part.. the beginning.. there are 2 reasons why u[is there anyone really?!?!] see this post.. since im too lazy to write anything more than a few lines at a time, as my status as FH Lord on the dbs will tell u[yes, shameless self-promo], never really bothered to post anything on the blog for which i think i was one of the earliest to sign-up! Not that i didnt think of posting tho, just didnt want it to be another run-of-the-mill rant-all-ye-want thing either.. thats what the dbs are for.. heh heh ;)  so anyways, the reasons being i finally found the muse for this and the bloody dbs arent working *bleh*

this is gonna be a bit long and since i dont want ppl [alt+F4] ing from here, im gonna make it simpler for muah n ya. splitsville the topic at hand into a coupla posts.. see, material will be left for the next entry :D  this concerns my recent 3 day trip out of the city to Pune/Mumbai mainly for the MetalFest conducted on Sunday, 18th July.. n y u may wonder, was this of such significance? ill tell u, my first bloody trip outta Hyd without any relatives hanging around!!
pre-empting time, ppl who wanna tell me "get a life" .. $%@#$ @$$#  @#$$%^$%^ ! *ahem* ill let the gig be the topic for the next entry, the following is the eventful journey to the gig..

left Hyd in true Hydi style.. my partners in crime were D n V[convenient]. scheduled to meet at Nampally stn at 8 PM sharp, i reached at 8.15 n they soon after.. after running around looking for our compartment, got on the train at 8.35 n it started moving at exactly 8.40! probably the only service in India that actually runs on time.. after the usual settling down, started the stoopid guy-talk which saw us munch on the burgers/chicken 65/chips till "V" decided to doze off n boy did he ever.. me n "D" were the only people still awake when it was morning.. timepassed with the cd players n musick! meanwhile, we tried to wake V up by hanging Chicken pieces infront of him, keeping the cold water bottle between his legs, but the idiot was comatose! the 12 hour trip to Pune was slow to say the least.. reached at 9 AM n met up with a friend, hung out his place for a while.. had breakfast, went shopping at Planet M n another musick place.. man, all these guys wanted were cds!!! uggghh.. but, one good thing abt Pune was the weather n the birds.. all we wanted was to become ornithologists and stay there.. where else would u find a guy, girl ratio of 1:3 ?!?! anyway, we had to leave Pune n reach Mumbai, find a motel, freshen up b4 the gig started at 7.30.. took a bus n left Pune around 1.30, went thru the express way which was faster than taking the train n led thru some amazing scenery.. Lonavala, Khandala.. beautiful places.. had we stayed a coupla more days, would've definitely planned a trek there.. *sigh*
reached Mumbai[Dadar] around 4.30.. ran, literally, to the railway station.. what a sight it was.. heh heh.. got the tickets for Andheri n jumped on the train, reached there at 5.. met a coupla locals from there, got a motel n by the time we all had freshened up it was the time for the gig which btw, was at this place called Raspberry Rhinocerous @ the Juhu Hotel.. took an auto n went to the place, which was a mini-adventure in itself.. it was the worst auto/driver we could find in our hour of need..saale ko kuch nahee pata tha.. n the khatara of an auto kept swicthing off every 2 seconds!! anyway, reached the place n bought the entry ticks, 100/- only, got an old Deepthroat [for those who think otherwise, its music by a few Indian underground bands] tape free..

the first band took the stage when we reached at 7.45, n.......



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asli_badmash | 26/07/2004, 16:57

Nice... Good to read your BLOG. "I'll be BACK". Keep posting!

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The Crackednut | 26/07/2004, 17:31

Kya hua.. beech mein ruk gaye kyu?? Continue... Continue... !!!

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drp | 26/07/2004, 19:03

u left the Nut hangin man!! :P
Welcome To The Blogs Oh Laaard.

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Jaan | 26/07/2004, 19:35

Mammujaan, did you stop for literary effect? Continue.

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JOhnny | 26/07/2004, 20:03

Welcome Azzu bhai... I wish i cud have made it for the metal fest. :(

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The Rainmaker | 26/07/2004, 20:41

azazel, the excitement of what happens next ... its killing me! :D

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azazel | 26/07/2004, 22:15

thank u all for the comments.. me shall continue the events in the nxt entry.. 'til then, patience bhanja/i 's

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CADman | 27/07/2004, 00:41

Yo...Fellow u've gone n done it atlast! now dont leave us with bated breath n tell abt the event itself...with all the gory n gori details...

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azazel | 27/07/2004, 11:38

guruji, bas aap hi ke aashirwaad ki aavshyakta thi.. shookriya!

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mls | 27/07/2004, 14:22

we have the whole of FH DBs here dont we ... save for Jasz and wizzy? Hi folks!

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azazel | 27/07/2004, 17:37

Hi mls, ab jahan Lord vahan bhakt to aayenge hee! heh heh..

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Naomi | 31/10/2004, 20:41

Hey Azazel ud make a good engrossing novel one day..made be one of the best sellers of the future if u keep this up!! keep going

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