Howdy Hydis? Given the fact that I have started a blog this late in my life only justifies, that today we talk about the most prevalent feature of Hydros: Laziness.

No matter where you live, what you do, if you’re a Hydro, even though you think that you’re not affected by this disease comparatively you always are. It’s a fact it’s in our genes to be lazy. We are the guys with the ‘Pursoun’ that never comes. Deccan Chargers, our team in the IPL is aptly named by the owners to diminish the general perspective of us being lazy. Yet in their case, changing the name didn’t work out well, and you all know the facts.

My word count reads 129 already! This calls for a break.  

Such is our attitude, “Go bring some Curry Puffs for all of us while we watch the 4 o clock series will ya?” out comes the reply “Later Mom, don’t you see I just woke up.”

Our Urdu dialect says it all when it comes to laziness as we chop all the words to make life easier. Why would you even bother to say “Kahan  ja  rahen  hai  aap” while a short “Kanjarain” would suffice.

Laziness has its own pros and cons. Laziness is what could drive to inventions, to solving complex problems to build simple solutions. Laziness is very well a fact that we use templates, standards, generalization. The whole point is in the end to make things easy. I know all the programmers who are reading this know for sure why they are in the market. They are in a way getting paid to design solutions for the lazy world.

Well is it all of human race then? Maybe, but for sure it is of a chronic nature in our case.

Droopiness, lethargy, shut downs could be merely some drawbacks of laziness.

I say be lazy, but put that effort you would do anything for to sit in your place and get the work done. Push a button and it’s done. To push it you have to make it. And to make it you need to put in an effort. This initial effort is the one that is required by all Hydros today. I end this with an example:

Raj: A Hydro Student.

His Idea: Man, wouldn’t it be amazing if I could work from home (A thought driven from laziness)

His Goal: To be a computer engineer.

Beginning of his graduate life, he ends 2 years of it thinking that it’s just the beginning; third year gets knocked by back logs, 4 years tries hard to clear and graduate.

Result: Goal achieved. But then he ends up doing nothing having a low life.

If only he could put his Idea that he had 4 years earlier as his goal and worked out his engineering through it, he could have designed a system by which there is ample control and accountability which physical presence could give in a work environment then he’d be sitting on a swing in his veranda pushing buttons and laugh at the world who wakes up every morning to head to work.

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