"China offers no dream because it is mostly about doing business and hence materialistic. India can offer a balanced view of life with materialism and spiritualism and show the world what the good life is all about." These are the quotes of none other than ‘our’ Marketing Guru, Phillip Kotler. And by ‘our’ I mean the present human race.

Anyone who values his work values his words.

Today we discuss the second property “Balance in Life

Though this distinctive feature is normal to the citizens of India, it also is reflected immensely in every heart of a Hydro.

What happens after death is a subject that is debatable and has variations by religion. But the one common thing is that you would definitely be accountable for your acts, here or in the hereafter. And to maintain a balanced lifestyle is the most effective approach. And like I said earlier it comes naturally to Indians, and immensely in Hydros.

Look into yourself and you will know that somewhere in you is this quality, that it is so natural that you tend to ignore it. Every decision you make is with awareness that there is a greater power that you are answerable to. Balancing in this materialistic and spiritual carousel is a task that is excellently done by Hydros.

Yet many of us tend to think that balance here means giving equal opportunity, or an apple pie cut in halves, a science of symmetry. Balance rather is justice given to a thing/task/person. Giving it what is required, no less no more.

The following two examples should elaborate the true meaning of Balance:


Imagine a situation where there is a lot of competition and you see people bribing and getting into the market. Now if we’re not capable of balancing materially and spiritually you would always do what the others did, but a good balanced approach would be to seek new ideas and promotions to lure your market. At first this may not seem to work but trust me, customers gained from a bribe deal, how long do you think will it take them to move to another when they get bribed by others, whereas if you would have gotten them through some kind of USP they would always trust you? And Trust is attained only when you develop yourself to be trusted.

 The right Balance

Now imagine one person who has immense trust in his God, and he thinks that his God will not do him harm and will always protect him as he is a good devotee, spends in his cause etc. One day he goes an extra mile to go to a faraway worship place on his bike. As he is already late he parks in a no park zone and fleas away expecting that His God would take care of the bike as he has come for his cause not other.

Another person on the other hand just received the most beautiful and powerful bike available in the market as a gift. He goes to a theatre but has second thoughts before he enters the gate. Something suddenly shocks him and he is lost in a pool of what ifs. ‘What ifs” aiming at his bike. What if someone strips it while he is watching Dark Knight? What if someone scratches it? This person doesn’t trust even himself let alone God.

What you have read above is examples of two extremes. I didn’t think it important to end their stories. But the thing is to strike the right balance between the world and the hereafter, and fortunately, thank God that in our case it’s natural albeit varies in quality, as anything natural also needs to be nurtured.

And Kotler goes on to say, "Indians are good at analytical reasoning and mathematics. You also have a good religious background and have a lot of concepts that can offer wonderful ideas for peace making and health-making."

Food for thought, long live India and long live Hydros.

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