As much as I would like not to believe it, I'm slowly starting to lose my general acumen for blogging. I see Aran leaving,the Magician too. I see Anil posting great Stupendousman-ish stuff. aloque's back, better than ever. CrackedNut wonderfully chronicling another epic standoff between him n his dad. WHG dishing up apeshit like never before. Some techie stuff too in between, with mr.praveen wondering if the java boom is gone and actually asking us(!) about our opinion about the OS war. Poor guy actually got a reply with some choice words in it. Lemme see, in addition to all this, I'm also catchin up on some wondahful invisible blogs. Now where is the "I" in between all of this? Reading, reading and reading...n oh yeah..commenting like no tomorrow as well. Heck, that comment on a certain blog is longer than some posts of mine!

The past week has been a bit outta the routine, though I must say I do not wat the "routine" is anymore. College has started, or so it seems, I've hardly attended any classes. The placements funda is still on, full flow. 'Tis nice to be hanging around college till late night, somethin we dun get to do ,often. 'Tis even better to see my friends grinnin from ear-to-ear when our placement officer announces their names. It was friday night ,I think, around 10PM, I'm coming outta college...reach a very dark parking lot. I hear a voice saying "Daddy..nennu...I got the job!". Turned around to see this grinning female with tears in her eyes, barely visible in the light cast by the lone streetlight at the entrance. :-) It felt good to be there. One of those moments when I can do nothing but smile.
Next day, the weekend, went over to a friend's place for lunch , had finger-lickinly good stuff...and sifted through photos. Yeah,yeah ,'tis a girly thing to do..but heck she was a girl after all:P. Reminded me of this album I have in my room. Pics from a 6 years, did I look funny or wat! Me looked like a cross between "The Fly" and Rajnikant! *ahem* So onto a topic now.

Words. The most important aspect of life. I mean, you could be the most profound "thinker" in the world, the most sensitive guy on the planet, but what use is it if you can't express yourself. If you can't "attach words to thoughts", so to say. And there I go, I just said "express yourself". Does that mean we need words only as a means to communicate with the outside world ('outside' here referring to anything exterior to your brain)? Do words/languages exist only as a facade to show the world? If one was alone, would language be necessary to talk with oneself? Aren't the feelings that we feel enough? Do we need to give them an explicit definition? Is it possible to to live a completely false life behind the comforting possession of a talent to twist the truth? In other words(!), can we lead any life we want by talking ourselves(and others) into it? Are the lives we lead in this seeming ocean of words (online and offline) what we really are? Heck, who is the "real" we? Is amita going to be killed in the dead of the night? Did I just see "ClearlyBlurred" appear on the front page? Am I back to my delusions again? **time out!**

Back to reality. This is Payne. Lotsa work to do. Three words in my head right now. Graduate, Record , Examination. The last one being the most terrifying. Back to learning "words" again.

See ya. Would do anything to be ya (no not YOU!).




Current Music: winamps crashed..jus sittin here n smilin...:-)