Main tho Gaya Na?

Id Ka Chaand | 26/07/2004, 23:18 hrs

Taking cue from a post on 'Wildhydgirl', I was inspired to recount a few incidents where the flavour of the Hyderabadi language( yes!! I dislike calling it a dialect) was brought out to a great extent. This incident occurred when I was a student of Deccan College of Engineering and Technology(DCET). What !!! you guys never heard of DCET, what a pity !!!! well here are the incidents and the conversation.

INCIDENT: It was the end of the first academic year and we were at the 'WORKSHOP' (carpentry,smithy...) for our final exams. The first shock was when we had to pick up a sheet from a pile of sheets and that decided our final examination exercise !!! Welcome to the lottery system in academics. I got the second shock when I found to my horror that my exercise was 'Smithy'. I never lifted a heavy hammer before and I saw only photographs of an anvil prior to that day. The reason, my instructor asked me to forego smithy exercise during the year as he thought aloud in his inimitable style, "woh, nai aatha exam mey !!!!". Evidently I was annoyed on that day and expressed my sad situation to my instructor.

Me: Kya saab, Smithy nai aatha boley, ab dekho,main tho gaya na?

Instructor: Aree, smithy aaya !!!Hmmm.. theeereee( Theory) aathana, jaakey likho, main aathum, pandhraa(15) minat mein.

Me: Teek hain, ab tumhaarey bharosey, fail hogaya tho complain karthum

Instructor: Aree, merey pe bharosa rakho bhai !!!!

I am off to the smithy workshp, and I am done with the theory, but me and my partner are clueless about what to do with the cylindrical iron piece. We were supposed to shape it into a hexagonal cross-section.

After 15 minutes..........

Instructor: Likh diye, ittha jaldi, Tiger nikley thum.

Me: Ab kya karna bolo saab. Arif ku bhi nai maloom kathey kya karna bolkey.

Instructor: Iraine Peece (Iron Piece) ispey rakho (pointing at the anvil), Hathoda lo aur tokthey jao. Thodey dher tum tokho, thodey dher uney tokhthaa, bas ithna ich karneyka hain.

We dutifully carry out 'instructions' but the 'specimen', was a mangled iron piece with not even a remote similarity to a hexagonal cross section and it warranted serious medical attention.

After 2 Hours.......

Instructor: Tokhey ?

Me: hau !! par kaisa kaisa ki niklaa.

Instructor: Aree!! kya kardiye yaaron, mera ghussa poora ispey nikaaley thum

Me:(worried) phir kya saab, pass kartha external examiner

Instructor: Kya baath karrey thum !!! apney kaalej(college) ke bacchey kabhi fale(fail) huey ? kaisa fale(fail) hothey thum. Yeh lo jaakey do !!

Saying that he brought two pieces of iron carefully shaped into a hexagonal cross section. Well, that's how we learnt smithy.



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Responses to Main tho Gaya Na?

  1. "Tiger nikley thum"

    hhahahahhaa!! seriously..SERIOUSLY funny shit!! :-)

  2. lol..
    mai Deccan me kyun nahee gaya?!?!

  3. hahahaha.. reminds me of Workshop class (smithy, carpentry, lathe, etc). we'd batter the iron piece into something barely identifiable...

    i got carpentry in my final exam.. piece of cake compared to smithy!!

  4. our sports teacher was hydi.. once a college team batsman got out to a silly shot. sir asked him "nervous-aa gaye kya? jaan-do, next time aisey shots nakko khelo!"

  5. tsk tsk tsk...i knew smithy...and me a girl...tsk tsk tsk

  6. tsk tsk tsk...i knew smithy...and me a girl...tsk tsk tsk

  7. For me, during tin smithy and shaping, being a GULT helped. :D Our instructor was a GULT himself, So it was easy to chaapofy him to do my work. I loved moulding part though.

  8. how come evrybody had smithy, moudling etc etc?? it's only meant for us mechanicals...ohhh maybe u guys r under osmania syllabus...bahhh!!

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