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azazel | 27 July, 2004 22:18

well, since Livri Azazel is underway and has got a few comments :D .. i shall move on with the second edition of my lil' trip, continuing from the "n..."

...we were introduced to the infamous Mumbai metal-head crowd as expected. "Disembodied Corpse" took the stage and took a lil'  too much time tinkering with the instruments n the sound. One thing that should never be done in Mumbai, the patience level is "0". The first comment which came from the crowd was "bajaa re bhadwe! teri Maa ki C@##@" which got adequate response from the band members on stage. Surprising? thats coz they're a local band aur chalta hai. Others would've certainly gotten their arses kicked all the way outta Mumbai! Anyway, the gig was kicked off soon enuff with a hyper-fast rendition of Black Sabbath's Paranoid n the moshing/head-banging was at its furious peak.. some guy got beaten up when he fell down, another guy's shirt got ripped.. n yea, the femmes were always at a safe distance away, mainly coz they're used to this behavioural pattern! Me, V n D moved over to the corner and ultimately went upstairs to have a better/safer view of the goings-on.. heh heh! The band was prolly the worst of the night, the sound they got wasnt good either.. decent musicians, will look out for their stuff..

Up next were "Bhayanak Maut", yep that is a band-name, these guys play most nu-metal covers along with their own music, kinda crowd-pleasing stuff. They were the ones who got the crowd really into the music, at one point their giant of a vocalist jumped into the crowd for some moshing, returning in time to finish off the song they were playing. Timepass band for me, for those who like nu-metal, check them out.. again tight musicianship..

"Demonic Resurrection" took the stage next, apart from being one of the best bands in India now, these guys were also the organisers of the event. They played an all originals set, just one cover on popular demand. Though, im not much into their style of music i.e. Black Metal, these guys blew me away with their solid performance. Their drummer JP deserves a mention here for his butchering on the skins, controlled aggression..treat to watch. local band, so the crowd knew what to expect but we had a great time watching these guys churn out great music throughout. By the time, the guys finished their set it was 11 PM n i was dead tired, having gotten no sleep for a coupla days plus hadnt eaten since the breakfast in Pune in the morning. haalat dheeli hogayi thi yaar, forcing me n V to go lie down on the couch. saala D was wide awake n bugging us to get up n watch the guys play! anyway, they finished off their set to the loudest cheers so far..

"Acrid Semblance" from Delhi took the stage next and were perhaps the most anxiously awaited band of the night. Not many ppl had seen them live and they did not disappoint :) Played a mix of covers/own comps mostly in the melodic Death Metal vein. A very tight band, despite one of the guitarists screwing up his rhythm sound. The shared leads were the highlight along with the keyboard solos from the vocalist. For the crowd, they were the band of the night. Me, was half-asleep by the time they were mid-way their set. Managed to get my ass up n watch them rip thru a couple of covers from Death, Children of Bodom. Good band, will look out for their stuff if n when they come out with it.

"Myndsnare" from Banglore were the last act for the night. This 3-piece thrash metal band is most famous for having a "female" drummer, Yasmeen. She is HOT alright but more than that, she's a very good drummer. Despite being stoned[read: sleepy], i could see all the guys drooling over her.. me was too tired to do anything, just sat on the stairs n stared at everyone! 20 mins n a few songs into their set, i'd had enuff. Caught both these guys, took them out, said "i have to eat something n get some sleep..dont argue with me, im majorly pissed off now". To which, they agreed :))

We left the place at 12.45 .. took an auto n asked him to take us to some place with good food, the bastard too us to Andheri station where we couldnt find anything 'cept a Chinese Food bandi..
so, gorged on some good Fried Rice there, headed off to the motel which was a stone's throw away and straight to bed for some precious Zzzzzzzzz...

All in all, the gig was very enjoyable, the bands were very professional and good musicians.. something, im eager to see in Hyderabad! Which gave me an idea to get a couple of them down here for a gig, the logistics of this im in the midst of compiling but as in any other thing i do, it takes time! so, patience metal-heads n yuppies..

The next morning.... 





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JLU | 27/07/2004, 23:59

Hi Azzy, wonderful write up dude :) Was waiting for it after reading yr earlier post. Yeah, we need to do a lot in Hyd. And I envy you for having a good time :)

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Jaan | 28/07/2004, 06:35

Mammu, you are making a habit of leaving cliffhangers! :( Yours, Jaan.

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azazel | 28/07/2004, 13:21

JLU, cant even begin to compare with ur wonderfully written posts.. thx
n bhanjiJaan, been watchin a lil' 2 many suspense movies of late ;)

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-:-PhAT-:- | 28/07/2004, 13:22

glad u enjoyed n all..

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Jaan | 29/07/2004, 07:37

Don't get cute, Az! Now, the next time I see your blog, you had better write the next installment, Mammu! ;)

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azazel | 30/07/2004, 14:23

thx Phat :)
btw, Jaan..thrz no need for me to 'get' cute, i just am! ;) anyway, the next instalment is there for all to read..

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Jai | 14/09/2004, 11:46

Dude, yasmeen along with Durga are or atleast were the most talented chicks in the Indian rock scene. Yasmeen used to be the lead singer for my mate's band, Angel Dust. She is awesome.

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